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Hospitalizations of those infected two weeks ago hovers at  1.9% Indicating less serious effects of the disease.

WPCNR CORONAVIRUS MONITOR. From the New York State Covid Tracker, Observations by John F. Bailey. January 27, 2021 UPDATED 4;15 P.M. E.S.T.:

After  reaching the lowest number of new infections since December 13 before the fourth wave of Covid reached 26,002 infections the last week of the year, Westchester new covid infections rose SLIGHTLY the first four days.

Reports just issued this afterfnoon show Westchester County reporting 668 new infections on Wednesday (yesterday), Orange County 346;’ Dutchess 303; Ulster 188; Rockland 184; Sullivan 94; Putnam 80.

The Westchester County previously this week recorded 430 new infections Sunday; 451 on Monday;  and 570 on Tuesday, Wednesday, 668.

In his Covid briefing to Westchester Monday, Westchester County Executive George Latimer said hospitalizations had dropped to 486 from 613 hospitalized of that 25,294  infected with covid two weeks ago (the time it takes for disease to show symptoms and possibly require hospitalization. Dividing 486 by  25,294 infections the last two weeks, gives us a 1.9% hospitalization rate, indicating again the infections of covid are not resulting in as seriously ill covid cases requiring hospitalization.

THE WPCNR COVID STOPPERS NOTEBOOK–Wednesday infections county-by-county by.

Around the Mid-Hudson Region, the 7 counties have experienced total new infections of 1,297persons Sunday; 1,312 on Monday and 1,691 on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Westchester County accounted for 570  one third of those 1,691 Mid-Hudson Region cases , Westchester Tuesday showed  570 new persons with Covid of 7,425 tests, a 7.7% infection rate.

As of Tuesday,  the 9 Counties, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess, Sullivan, Ulster and Putnam, plus Nassau and Suffolk Counties reported  4,221 cases, with Nassau reporting 1,153 new cases, Suffolk 1,377 new cases at infection rates of 9.4% for Nassau and 11.3% for Suffolk.

(Editor’s Note of interest: Nassau County filed the court case resulting in the Nassau County Supreme Court declaring students did not have to wear masks to school, which was stayed by the Appellate Court in Brooklyn. For weeks Nassau and Suffolk County have lead infections in the 9 counties by thousands of new cases.)

Through Wednesday the nine counties surrounding New York City reported  4,085 new cases; New York City,  10,790 in its 5 boroughs.  New York  City five boroughs are averaging a little less than 2/3 of the infections in New York City yesterday. New York City was as high as 28,548 new cases on January 15.

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