Cannot Lift Moratorium Until They Have “Capacity,” Con Edison Tells WPCNR

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In light of Con Edison announcement of new gas supply arrangements with Tennessee Gas Pipeline, WPCNR asked Con Edison why, if no new pipeline was needed, why not lift the moratorium on new natural gas connections in Westchester, especially since that capacity will be there in 2023, and it most likely will take three to four years to build the 1,600 Westchester projects that got in under the moratorium deadline.

Ann Marie Corbalis, speaking for Con Edison issues this statement:

“Demand for natural gas in New York City and Westchester County has grown significantly in recent years due to conversions of heating systems from oil, as well as economic growth, with developers preferring natural gas in new buildings. The lack of new gas capacity in our region has forced us to stop accepting applications for new firm (uninterruptable service) gas hookups until we have new capacity available. Once that capacity is secure, which is expected by November 2023, Con Edison will lift the current moratorium on new firm gas hookups in Westchester.

Ms. Corbalis referred WPCNR to Tennessee Gas Pipeline. Katherine Hill, a spokesperson for TGP, issued this statement to WPCNR on how TGP can deliver to Con Edison the new natural gas capacity Con Edison requires without building a new pipeline:

“The Tennessee Gas Pipeline project will only involve compression upgrades to facilities on the system upstream of New York. Additionally, the project will require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval, and state and local approval as necessary.” 

WPCNR has for more details on what compression upgrades are 

required and what they are.

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