North Street Nightmares That Will Not Go Away, Letter Writer Says

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Dear Major Roach and Common Council Members,

I don’t know if all of you are aware of the situation at the YWCA on North Street. There are hundreds and hundreds of cars going in and out all day.  Day care, nursery school, all sorts of programs plus Hazel’s a small restaurant down stairs.

During the day there are hundreds of teens from the high school crossing North Street to eat over there.  They literally stand on the median in the middle of the street to get across. They don’t always pay attention to a traffic light. I know this first hand because I take my young grandchildren there for classes. Talk about a dangerous situation for our White Plains children. 

With all FASNY busses (if project is approved and built) and cars on North Street you can be guaranteed of an accident.
I hope you all have driven down North Street to see the work being done for the German School.  When that opens in the fall we are talking about another possible disaster.  
  This would be a very small fraction of the FASNY 10-year construction nightmare).
You seriously have to consider these situations.


Thank you,

Sharon Gould

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