Greenburgh Considers Legislation to Crack Down on Rogue Massage Parlors. See Greenburgh Forum on Human Trafficking on YouTube.

WPCNR THE FEINER REPORT. From Town of Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner. April11, 2015:
The Greenburgh Town Board is considering the adoption of legislation that would provide the police department with  additional tools that could be used to help shut down illegal massage parlors.
 We are currently waiting for a recommendation from the Greenburgh Planning Board.  Police Chief Chris McNerney also spoke at the forum.  In recent years and months the Greenburgh Police department has made arrests.
          Draft legislation was introduced by Bob Bernstein, head of the Edgemont Community Council. The legislation would help us address prostitution and illegal activities at these facilities. I support the proposed legislation.

Lots of interesting information and discussion took place at the town forum on  the roll illegal massage parlors play role in human trafficking.

You can watch the forum that was held last week -“Illegal Massage Parlors and What Really Goes on Behind Closed Doors”- on

Speakers included:

Ken Picard.   Ken is an award-winning journalist with Seven Days, an independent newsweekly based in Burlington, Vermont.

Approximately two years ago, Ken conducted an investigation on massage parlors/establishments in Vermont.  He discusses what communities around the nation are doing to address this issue.

Nancy F. Levine, Chief Development Officer, My Sister’s Place (MSP), the major service provider for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence in Westchester County  will also be speaking.

The forum was organized by Town Clerk Judith Beville.

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