Is the Common Council Paying Attention?

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. November 2, 2014:

The following letter (edited for content by WPCNR; in this case, WPCNR has eliminated names of certain individuals and allegations the original letter referred to in a critical manner), was sent to the Mayor of White Plains and the Common Council:

Dear Mayor,

The latest FASNY plan is more of the same.  It is a disaster whose increased traffic and density will negatively impact the residential neighborhoods surrounding it.    FASNY is failing for an obvious reason.   The plan does not and cannot work.  It took some time but key City Boards have already come to this realization.

The School Board, Conservation Board and Planning Board all raised serious “global” concerns with this project that normally would have killed it some time ago.  In fact, the School Board is firmly on record as stating that the FASNY entrance on North Street would have a “profoundly negative effect” on the safety and welfare of students attending White Plains High School.

WHY is it that the Mayor and some members of the Common Council keep the FASNY application going?  They appear to be lost in the weeds!!

Case in point, Beth Smayda has asked for landscaping improvements instead of evaluating the fundamental questions raised by the School Board and Neighborhood Associations.

Or, Councilman John Kirkpatrick asking if Hathaway Lane could be closed only part of the time?  How out of touch are they?

We need to ask them some serious questions.    Are they fearful of FASNY’s threats of litigation?  Are they truly up to the task in this application?  The Hathaway Lane closure issue suggests otherwise.

In light of overwhelming resident opposition and the aforementioned Boards’ negative findings, WHY is the Common Council still entertaining this special application?  Something is amiss in the manner in which this application is being considered.

Is there pressure from senior state and national Democrats on our all-Democratic Common Council to get this approved?


Brian & Patricia O’Connor





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