More Foot-dragging and losses ahead?: Sustainable Playland Won’t Run Playland this Summer. Expects Takeover after Labor Day.

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. By John F. Bailey. March 12, 2014: 

A spokesman for Sustainable Playland informed WPCNR today that Sustainable Playland does not expect “to receive the keys to Playland” until September 1. Labor Day or after, effectively meaning the county will be running Playland this summer and more significantly running it at another year of losses due to the legislature inaction on the plan.

(The County Board of Legislators  Labor Parks Planning Housing Committee continues to analyze the Sustainable Playland proposal which the legislature has had for three years.)

Geof Thompson, spokesperson for Sustainable clarified that contrary to a news release put out by the Committee yesterday, new rides would begin to be added to Playland beginning year one of the Sustainable takeover beginning with Kiddyland and moving on from there. Previously, a news release from the Westchester County Committee analyzing the Sustainable Playland proposal has said that the Sustainable vendor which would add the rides would not be adding them for four years.

(To wit from the Committee Press Release: At Wednesday’s Labor Parks Planning Housing Committee meeting of the Board of Legislators, legislators learned that Central Amusements International (CAI), which SPI is contracting to run the amusements and “Aqua Zone” at Playland, will wait until Year 4 in the PIP to totally remake the beach front area with water rides and other attractions.
Harckham announced last month an ambitious schedule for the PIP review in the LPPH Committee, culminating with a committee vote on May 13, 2014. Next Tuesday LPPH Committee members will make a Playland site visit to see where the Field House will be erected, and also to see how much of the Parking Lot will be affected by the renovations and new structures.)

Thompson clarified that the three outdoor fields proposed for the present Playland Parking Lot have been cut to two and the field house will remain at 35 feet in height, but be 15% smaller in area, with the same number of indoor fields inside.

Asked if Sustainable financials have changed with the county have changed, (previously, Sustainable was to have paid the county $2.5 Million this year to defray the Playland debt service), Thompson said this is not clear that it would be presented to the county finance committee.

Nevertheless, if the county is stuck with operating Playland in summer 2014, it means the county legislature by its inaction the last three years on the proposal to date has cost the taxpayers another year of Playland alleged losses.

Apparently, the vote if it actually takes place May 5, is coming too late to get the county off the financial hook for Playland in 2014

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