Zoning Board Continues Hearing on Sunrise Detox Facility Aimed at DeKalb. Light Turnout. Null: ZBA has no right to Interpret NY Mental Health Laws.

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WPCNR ZONING ZONE. By Claudia Murphy.. February 6, 2014:

The White Plains Zoning Board of Appeals continued their proceedings on the Sunrise Detox proposal to turn the former Nathan Miller Nursing Home at 37 Dekalb into a detox center last night and did not make a decision on whether to reverse or uphold Commissioner of Building Damon Amadio’s interpretation that the proposed facility did not meet the city definition of a community residence.

Claudia Murphy reports on the action::

“There was a very light turnout. Basically, the public hearing was continued and lasted about 40 minutes.

Bill Null, attorney for Sunrise  spoke first. His argument is that the zoning board has no authority to apply or interpret NYS mental health law regarding the decision of whether an alcoholism facility is a community residence and if Sunrise can operate a community residence in White Plains that does not meet the NYS definition of a community residence.

Ken Kristal and I both spoke after Bill Null. We pointed out the transient nature of this facility and the fact that Sunrise treats addicts as well as alcoholics.

The Zoning Board adjourned for a 10 minute executive meeting and returned to announce they would review all transcripts and materials and make a decision at next months meeting.”

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