Senator Latimer Co-Sponsors Bill Allowing Teachers to See Common Core Test Results for Each Student by September

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WPCNR ALBANY ROUNDS. Special to WPCNR. January 23, 2013:

Late Wednesday evening,  Senator George Latimer  (D, 35th Senate District) told WPCNR he  is co-sponsoring a bill  (S-4723) with Republican Senator Little  that would provide copies of each graded Common Core examination and the results on that examination for each of a teacher’s pupils taking the Common Core tests by next September.

Appearing on the WPCNR-produced television program, People to Be Heard last month, State Senator George Latimer of the 35 Senate District,  indicated he would work for legislation that would allow teachers who prepared students for the Common Core assessment tests to see the results their students achieved on those assessments. (Currently, the state Education Department is suppressing the results, preventing teachers from analyzing where each student’s weaknesses are.)

Asked what the chances are for the bill passing, Senator Latimer in a statement to WPCNR wrote:

“Hard to know the likely result. I signed on to a Republican bill, so it’s now a bi-partisan bill. We need more co-sponsors to get to critical mass. Only the second week, so committees have barely started to meet. I’ll have a better take on it in a month.”

The language of the bill allows that it will take effect, if passed by both houses of the legislature, on the first of September succeeding the date the bill is passed. If the State Assembly and Senate pass it and the Governor signs it, teachers could receive results of this year’s Common Core tests by September.

To see the Latimer interview, go to, scroll down to the People to Be  Heard program lineup and click on the December 13 program.

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