MTA Payroll Tax Stays. Business Council Outraged. Demands Albany Repeal

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WPCNR TAX & SPEND NEWS. From the Westchester Business Council (Edited). January 15, 2014:

The Business Council of Westchester responded today to the New York State Court of Appeals declining to review a lower court ruling, upholding the Metropolitan Transit Authority payroll tax.

The council called on state lawmakers to repeal the MTA payroll tax on the grounds that is bad for New York’s business climate and hampers economic growth.

“The MTA payroll tax is simply a state mandate by another name,” said Dr. Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester. “It is an unfair burden on businesses — some of which don’t even benefit from the MTA’s services — and hampers economic growth while reinforcing the notion that New York is unfriendly to businesses. While the court has ruled this punitive tax is constitutional, state lawmakers should do the right thing with a wholesale repeal of the law. The Business Council is working hard to remove obstacles that keep businesses from coming to New York, and in some cases staying here, and stands ready to work with the governor and state lawmakers to show that New York is truly open for business.”

The payroll tax charges a 34-cent tax for every $100 of payroll for large businesses in the MTA’s 12 county region, which includes Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

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