More Barges to Come. Thruway Authority Adds Lights Beyond Coast Guard Requirements

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WPCNR TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION NEWS. From the New York State Thruway Authority. July 31, 2013:

The Thruway Authority issued this follow-up statement today: “The U.S. Coast Guard made it clear that the lights on the barge met all requirements and were visible for one nautical mile but, as an added precaution, extra lights were added immediately following this tragedy because we wanted to go above and beyond to try and prevent something like this from happening again,” according to Dan Weiller, Thruway Authority Spokesman.

Approximately 2 dozen barges of varying sizes are currently in the Hudson River as part of the project but the exact number changes almost daily. More are scheduled to arrive shortly to begin dredging.

—After the  incident after the Piermont barge crash last Friday, killing two passengers on a speed boat and injuring four others, dozens of extra LED solar/battery powered lights were added to all barges, moorings and other vessels as a precaution above and beyond US Coast Guard requirements

—At night the barges are in the fixed mooring locations, during the day they can be moved to get construction materials/supplies stored on them to active work areas


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