They Fought for “God, Country and Honor and Family”

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS STARS AND STRIPES. By John F. Bailey. November 11, 2002: An assembly of some 250 persons, dignitaries, veterans, children and parents gathered at the White Plains Rural Cemetary Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Plot this morning to salute and remember their war dead and veterans from America’s conflicts past. Mayor Joseph Delfino, opening the ceremonies noted how ordinary men departed their selfish civilian pursuits to fight for America. The Mayor said they fought for “God, Country and Honor, and I’d like to add to that, Family, because without Family, you have nothing. I also hope and pray that partriotism is not forgotten.”

STRIKING THE COLORS: The Young Marines of White Plains raised the flag to begin Veteran’s Day ceremonies.
Photo by WPCNR News

AS THE EASTVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND PLAYED THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER: Laura Mazziotti’s musicians presented a sensitive and evocative arrangement, highlighted by playing the “Rocket’s Red Glare” section of the melody in a lower register, stirring a reflective sense of sacrifice, loss and respect. Appropriately played.
Photo by WPCNR News

MAYOR DELFINO PROCLAIMS VETERANS DAY: Mayor Joseph Delfino presents Proclamation of Veteran’s Day to Commander Ashar Katz: The plaque proclaimed of veterans, “With solemn pride and heartfelt gratitude, let us strive each day, that our land remains worthy of the love they’ve shown for it.”
Photo by WPCNR News

Major Willard Lockridge IV, a Vietnam veteran, presently commander of the Marine contingent protecting Indian Point, noted the toll of American war dead since 1776, 1,000,000 men and women. He reminded the audience that at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.., there are 58,229 names, 4,122 of whom were from New York, and 121 persons from foreign countries, and 8 women who gave their lives. Major Lockridge told a moving story of how the memorial bugle call Taps originated that was very moving.

Photo by WPCNR News

REMEMBERING THEIR SACRIFICE: Commander Katz and Mayor Delfino Place the Memorial Wreath at the Soldiers and Sailors monument.
Photo by WPCNR News

REMEMBERING THE NEWEST HEROES: White Plains Policeman Richard Todaro salutes the Memorial Wreath he has just placed to honor fallen Police and Fireman and service personal in the World Trade Center attack.
Photo by WPCNR News

TAPS IS PLAYED, as a light rain gently starts to fall. Rabbi Arnold Turetsky’s Benediction expressed the sentiment that though war may come, and is inevitable, given the course of human events, he hoped and prayed that today’s peace would linger.
Photo by WPCNR

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DeVere to McGuire, DeVere to McGuire, DeVere to Mack, Tigers Win, 12-8

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WPCNR PRESS BOX. By John F. Bailey. November 9, 2002 UPDATED: After an afternoon of offensive frustration, Mike DeVere threw a 19 yard touchdown pass to Darrell Mack with 1:30 to go in Saturday’s Riddell Bowl in beautiful Memorial Field, Mount Vernon, to give the Tigers a 12-8 victory, their sixth win of the year in 10 games.

FIRST DOWN! FIRST DOWN! IN THE BAVARRO-SAUER TRADITION: Evan McGuire holds on at the Mount Vernon 19 for a key first down in a posse of purple Knights after executing a clutch 2-hand leaping grab with Knights all over him on Mike Devere’s pinpoint laser strike over the middle for a first down on a 4th and 6 play that began at the Mount Vernon 32. It was the Captain’s second key catch of the 10-play 67-yard drive in the last 4 minutes that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for the Tigers. “I know there were a lot of guys on me, ” McGuire told WPCNR after the game. You bet, Evan, there were two knights hanging on to your waist as you went up for the pass.

TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

TouchDOWN! TouchDOWN! A BEAUTIFUL THING. Two plays later, Quarterback Mike DeVere rolled out to his left, and found “The Warrior,” Darrell Mack in the flat, after he had executed a perfect 2-second delay, ran a hook pattern into the left flat and took DeVere’s on-target spiral, turned to his right upfield, dashed DOWN THE SIDELINE into the Promised Land. Mack in full stride in center of picture has turned to his jubilant teamates celebrating the clincher. DeVere had made this play work to McGuire earlier for 15 yards to jumpstart the drive giving the Tigers a first down on the Vernon 48. Ryan Smalls forced a fumble in the first quarter and ran it in untouched 32 yards for an early 6-0 Tiger lead at the tail end of the First Quarter.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

The Tigers defense, which had stopped the Mount Vernon Knights all afternoon not allowing them to penetrate past the Tigers’ 30 yard line on any sustained drive, gave White Plains a chance to win stopping the Knights on 3rd and 3 when the secondary knocked down a pass play to the Tiger 45. Tiger ball with 4:56 to go in the game.

Déjà vu All Over Again.

After a punt returned by Darrell Mack to the 37, the Tigers had time for one last drive. White Plains had pushed Mount Vernon all over the field with three drives stalling inside the Knights 15.

MACK ATTACK AS TIME RUNS OUT IN FIRST HALF. Darrell Mack after a reception that gained Tigers a first down on the Vernon 15 as time disappears. Darrell was not to be denied later, when he took a similar pass in for the winning touchdown.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

All three derailed due to the illegal procedure penalties, once at the end of the First Quarter, another at the end of the first half, and another at the close of the Third Quarter, where they ran 16 plays, holding the ball for 8 minutes, only to turn the ball over on downs on a fumbled snap at the Knights 15.

DRIVING AND LOOKING GOOD in the Third Quarter, with a 6-0 lead. Mike DeVere over center. Two plays later, the fumble turned the game around temporarily.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

Stopping the Knights on downs, they began their second third quarter penetration and appeared to to be going for the clinching touchdown, driving to the Knights 20, holding a 6-0 lead, when with 3rd and 10 on the MV 20, Mike DeVere rolled right to the far sideline to pass. The Knights sent the house, chased Mike to the far side line and as he was about to throw, knocked the ball out of his grasp. Melvin Freeman picked up the ball on the 25, and ran all the way the other way, outrunning dogged Tiger pursuers, 75 yards to tie the score 6-6 with about 2 minutes left in the third quarter.

The following two-point conversion put the Knights ahead, 8-6 with a minute to go in the Third Quarter.

CHEERLEADER TIME: That’s Molly Gottshall on top of the pyramid of White Plains Cheerleaders exhorting the Tiger crowd.

TigerVision Photo by WPCNR

A similar big play in the first meeting between the two teams also turned the game around for Mount Vernon. That time it was a kickoff return by Deshawn Washington. This time a fumble recovery turning a winning touchdown drive into 8 points for the opposition, and it seemed perhaps another tough loss.

Was it going to happen again?

Not this time.

MEMORIAL FIELD GRANDSTAND FANS saw a classic. Close to 500 fans enjoyed the taut defensive struggle.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

The Drive: 4 Devere Direct Connects.

In the long autumn shadows, the Tigers started up again. On the Tigers’ first play from their 37, Devere passed to Evan McGuire for the first of his two completions to Evan that highlighted the winning drive. McGuire working the delay, turned, caught the ball in the flat and raced sideline to the Knights 48 for 15 yards. Spencer Ridenhour lugged it to the 43.

After a running play gained little, the Tigers faced a 3rd and 5. Devere turned and threw to Darrell Mack on a screen play, Mack turned caught the Devere Dart with one hand and turned up field ploughing through Knight interference for a key first down on the 35. After a pass fell incomplete and a running play got 4, Devere hit Tito Smith on third down and 6 for what appeared to be a first down. No! The referee called it back on offsetting interference and facemask penalities. A third down running play failed, and it was still 4th and 6.

Devere to McGuire Time.

The pass went to Evan McGuire on an L- slant-in pattern across the middle. DeVere hit Evan in the hands high. Knights converged, pinched him as he went high for the bullet pass and he got it, coming down and holding on. First Down on the 19. This was one dandy catch in traffic. The Knights were pawing him all the way down, trying to shake the payroll loose but he held on.

The Delay Went All the Way.

A first down run was stymied. Next play, Darrell Mack got the call. According to Levar Wright, WPCNR Bleacher Side Analyst, Darrell worked a 2-second delay pass play. According to Wright, last year’s QB who now attends Westchester County Community College, the end holds his block for 2-seconds to sucker the Knights out of covering him. They fell for it, shifting right as DeVere rolled left, just as they had on the first play of the drive. McGuire shed his blocker raced out five yards, turned back to look at DeVere, and took in DeVere’s graceful overhand southpaw strike in the gut, whirled racing madly to the sideline gathering steam, and down the sideline he cruised as the Knights frantically shifted to pursue. Too late. He dashed into endzone untouched to leaps of joy from his teammates. It was 12-8, Orange and Black, with 1:26 to go.

No Heroics on Kickoff this time.

On kickoff, the Tigers closed the shoot, and Mount Vernon took over on their 45, with no timeouts, carelessly squandered earlier in the 4th quarter. A run gained two yards. A long pass down to the Tiger 10 into double coverage, was played cleanly by Tiger defenders and it fell incomplete. A flat pass fell incomplete, and the fourth down pass fell short. The Tigers ran out the clock and had the win.

Defense Stalwart

White Plains contained the Knights vaunted running backs DeShawn Washington and Lance Jenkins, by punishing gang tackling. Levar Wright called it “closing on the ball,” and it denied the Knights consistently when a clutch stop was needed.

DEVERE DIRECT CONNECT: Mike DeVere holds the game ball next to WPHS Athletic Director, Mario Scarano after the game.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

Devere-to-McGuire. You’ll hear that again, all next year.

What emerged today was perhaps a new direction in White Plains Tiger offense. Junior Quarterback Mike DeVere and Junior End, Evan McGuire, combining intuitively for clutch receptions when needed. They’ll be back.

DeVere’s rangy height and ability to see the field is only going to improve and his accuracy at throwing into tight coverage is unusually precise for a QB of his age. LeVar Wright, commeting on the game for WPCNR, said DeVere can throw the ball 75 yards, unusual for a high school quarterback. McGuire showed poise and fearlessness in holding onto passes in traffic without bodyfear.

GREAT HANDS, KID: Mike DeVere’s Dad catches up with Evan McGuire after the game with a phone call from his Dad, for the young man who made the key 4th and 6 must-catch.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

The Tigers play Archbishop Stepinac next in the Thanksgiving Day game, and have a better record than the New York Jets or New York Giants, at 6-4. Better defense, too. And, no Giants and Jets, you can’t have Devere and McGuire and Mack.

TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

What characterizes this team most, as can be said for all White Plains teams, is their heart. They do not give up. They do not get down after adversity. They never protest an official’s call, no matter how egregious. They try. And try again.

AUTUMN SHADOWS OVER THE GRANDSTAND, A HALF HOUR AFTER THE GAME as fans savoring the memories of a perfect football Saturday are reluctant to leave the field. Memorial Field has seen some classics, and the old green grandstand from a once-and-innocent time evoked a timeless melancholy as another football season of heroes and great plays and testing of character drew to a close.
TigerVision Photo by WPCNR Sports

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HPN Travelers: Allow 2 Hours at Peak Travel Times for New Federal Security Check

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WPCNR County Clarion-Ledger. By John F. Bailey. November 7, 2002:Westchester County Airport departing passengers were formally introduced to the Transportation Security Adminstration airport security system today at a news conference describing the new 4-step security procedure that has been in place for about one week, checking and rechecking passengers through 4 separate levels of security.

WHAT NOT TO TAKE ON AN AIRPLANE: Close-up view of items “abandoned” by passengers, which include scissors, nailfiles, sharp instruments of all kinds. You will be given an opportunity to return to the luggage check-in and place it in your luggage, or in your automobile, if you have time, otherwise TSA inspectors will collect the item. TSA Federal Security Director, Paul Crispi urged passengers to be aware of what will not be allowed to be carried on a plane.


County officials and TSA Directors reported on the system which now incorporates 100 specially trained TSA inspectors to inspect passenger luggage and carry-on baggage at four separate checkpoints, after you have checked in at your airline ticket counter.

New TSA inspectors interviewed by WPCNR noted that at peak hours it may take 10 to 15 minutes to clear the new procedures after your ticket check-in procedures at high density airport hours, 7 to 9 AM and 4:30 to 7 PM, and more on the holidays coming up. TSA Westchester County Airport safety director, Romero Iral suggested passengers allow 2 hours at these times.

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IRS Fraud Squad: Beware responding to phony IRS Requests

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WPCNR SERGEANT JOE FRIDAY REPORTS. From Westchester County Chamber of Commerce. November 7, 2002: The IRS is warning that fraudulent schemes are currently circulating to steal your identity and bank deposits. The perpetrators are using fictitious bank correspondence and IRS forms in an attempt to trick taxpayers into disclosing their personal and banking data. One such phony form is “W-9095, Application Form for Certificate Status/Ownership for Withholding Tax”. Details will be pursued.

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Children’s Services Sues City to Open Group Home, Conditions House for Winter

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. By John F. Bailey. November 6, 2002: The Jewish Board of Family and Childrens Services sued the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Building Department of the City of White Plains today, asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Zoning Board revocation of their Building Permit on their proposed Group Home at 139 Walworth Avenue.

The suit seeks no monetary damages and asks the court in an Article 78 action to rule that the city “be permanently enjoined from taking any action adverse to or inconsistent with JBFCS’ vested rights, including but not limited to efforts to deny JBFCS’ Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy…” and asks “that a final judment be made…annulling, vacating and setting aside the ZBA’s decision and declaring that the…group home is permitted in the R1-5 Zoning District,” and other relief (perhaps monetary) as the court sees fit.

In a related matter, the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services informed the Building Department they had begun winterproofing the 139 Walworth Avenue facility to prevent pipes from freezing, and sustaining damage to the home.

The city is asked to respond in court, November 27.

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WPCNR HEARSAY. By John F. Bailey. November 6, 2002:Good Day, Mr. and Mrs. White Plains and all the Judges at Sea. We know who you are. Welcome to Hearsay the things WPCNR hears as WPCNR gets buttonholed, fed, leaked, stroked, stiffed and stifled in dealing with the newsmakers and news creators in White Plains. What you are about to read is all hearsay, unless we affix a name who dares to go “on the record” this is stuff, that may happen, should have happened, or might happen, but it’s what WPCNR hears and finds out, which is always the best stuff. In the following, the names have been changed or suppressed to protect the guilty and the innocent. After all, it’s just Hearsay:

Department of Slumlords of Gotham North That hard walking man, the man of the weekly “Hockley Walkabouts,” White Plains Councilman Glen Hockley has told WPCNR he is conducting personal surveillance of alleged homes harboring multiple boarders illegally in White Plains.

He is making a list, and checking it twice and will be turning in his own personal “Slumlord Indictment” of alleged offending homes with addresses over to the Mayor’s Office for investigation and will be asking for answers as to why they have not been prosecuted, closed down, or fined.

Hockley is walking the walk, instead of talking the talk.

He is doing “stakeouts” of the streets. He has company on his personal investigations. He’s being assisted by neighborhood association types in Battle Hill, Fisher Hill, and the Ferris Avenue neighborhood pointing out homes of a suspicious nature.

Mr. Hockley adds that illegal housing is wrong. He feels it is hurting the legal residents of these neighborhoods and it exploits the persons who live in the illegal homes. All you slumlords, White Plains will soon know where your over rented homes are and who you are.

The Councilman feels strongly he cannot turn people out into the street without taking care of them. Hockley reports to WPCNR he will be meeting with Assemblyman-Elect Adam Bradley and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, just elected, and County Legislator Bill Ryan to see if the County or the state can furnish funds to house the illegal residents legally, in temporary or permanent housing.

“These people can’t continue to live illegally. It’s dangerous for them, and dangerous for their neighbors and neighborhoods.” Hockley told WPCNR.

Department of Ultra-Picky, Thorough Lawyers: Speaking of Glen Hockley, and his jamming partner, Larry Delgado of White Plains, It’s one year and one day since the voting machine in White Plains 18th Election District jammed, presenting Glen Hockley with his Council seat, courtesy of the New York State Court of Appeals.

WPCNR wonders how long it will take our Attorney General to get around to ruling on the Larry Delgado request for a quo warranto proceeding. He’s had the request since March 22, 2002. He’s had three of his attorneys working on it. March 22 to November 6. That’s seven months, on a case that was thoroughly argued three times in Supreme Court, Appellate Court and the Court of Appeals. What’s the holdup, Mr. S? Maybe he’s just been holding off stiff-arming of Larry Delgado until after Election Day. Well, it’s November 6, Mr. Attorney General. May we have your final answer?

Department of Wrist-Slapping:Those “holier than thous,” the Commission on Judicial Conduct should censure the Attorney General attorneys like they censured White Plains Judge Roseanne Washington last week for not ruling on cases fast enough when her mom was sick. She is part-time and they come down on her, when the Attorney General Cast of a Thousand Lawyers on full-time, big-time salaries, take six months (how about a little work) on a case already argued three times?

It did not take the Attorney General’s Office half as long to whack Merrill Lynch (a shooting gallery case the federal government handed him on a platter), as it’s taking his three attorneys to consider the Delgado-Hockley matter. The Delgado delay is a joke. Mr. Delgado is reported by close confidents as ready to yank Mr. Spitzer’s chain in about two weeks if he does not hear anything.

Mr. Spitzer, White Plains knows it’s a tough decision, but everybody knows the machine jammed. Have a little respect for the voter!

Sources close to the case told me off the record at the time that the Court of Appeals just didn’t want to work on a lot of election cases and that’s why they reversed the Judge Francis Nicolai decision. The judges of the Court of Appeals said they felt the Election Law did not allow the Courts to call for new elections, and saw a quo warranto as the only avenue open to Mr. Delgado, and that the Attorney General should move quickly to address it.

Are they kidding us? What were they thinking? Not with Elliot Spitzer’s office, it isn’t. He had all his work done for him three times over, by the “best and the brightest” the Court of Appeals, and he still can’t decide? Come on. So much for his Executive ability to make a tough decision under pressure. It’s a full year and a day when the “Jam of the Century” happened. The voters of White Plains don’t count?

Department of Upward Mobility: Jeaniners for Justice? Speaking of the Court of Appeals, rampantly speculating here, WPCNR has heard from Albany handicappers that what we really need on the state’s highest court is the crusading, high profile local prosecutor type we know and love, with a great track record on convictions, great stats, and who knows how to move a case through the courts without going to court, appointed to the Court of Appeals to shake them up.

WPCNR hears from polltakers of pols that a certain local and national high profiler, strong on violence against women, strong against teenage drinking, a real crusader, could seriously be considered for appointment to the New York State Court of Appeals when this person’s current term ends in 2006, or sooner, to get this person closer to Albany where they can do more. This media idol has nowhere to go but up. This individual is well-connected and the position fits them to a “t,” and would be very convenient for the powers that be and great for Westchester County.

Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals, George Smith is serving a 14-year term that ends in 2006 (appointed in 1992), conveniently, just the time our crusader will need a job, if they are not reelected. Now Governor George Pataki is reelected, and our highly photogenic out-in-fronter is certainly a logical candidate, given their high standing in Pataki Ville, by ’06 or sooner if they want to move on up.

Dateline: Where’s a Civil Liberties Union When You Need One Department? How can impoundment of a personal computer be legal under the U.S. Constitution? If you wanted to “get” somebody, you simply break into their home or office and upload some incriminating files. You accuse them of doing something to you. The authorities get a warrant, impound the computer, and presto, there’s the evidence. It’s easy. The person does not even know it’s there.

When is some attorney going to file a class action suit on behalf of the hundreds of persons whose computers have been seized and found to contain what warrants say they contain? The amendment in the U.S. Constitution, that deals with this is Amendment IV, it reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Somehow, I do not think “We think he/she has pornography on a computer showing a picture of our Suzi” is a good reason to impound a person’s computer. It’s popular, but is it right? The courts do it because it is for a “just cause.” The child pornography laws have opened up prosecution avenues and investigative techniques that are rapidly being applied to other fields.

The Attorney General’s examination of Merrill Lynch e-mails to make the case for restitution to investors is a good example. Please, if that is not a violation of Amendment IV, I do not know what is. Whatever is seized is entirely circumstantial and could have been planted. The reaction of law enforcement is always, “of course it’s not.” But someday, it could, actually could be planted. You never know.

Can Anyone Take This Property Off JPI’s hands Department? Privately we hear from two real estate sources that JPI is shopping the 300 Mamaroneck Avenue property. No dirt has been moved by machine for about six months. Maybe certain “official designated developers of Westchester County” will step in and bail them out.

Department of School Budget Hits: Johnnie Cochran’s law firm continues to prepare its discovery proceedings against the White Plains City School District in the matter of the October 2000 Highlands sexual assault of a Highlands student. This most likely will result in a multi-million dollar school budget “hit” when it hurts the most.

End of CCOS As We Know It Department:

Principals of Concerned Citizens for Open Space could be in some serious law problems if their Article 78 lawsuit is upheld by the New York State Supreme Court. New York Presbyterian Hospital, if they were feeling particularly nasty, could sue CCOS principals for interference with a contract, as well as Westchester County Medical Center.

As WPCNR reported last week, and if CCOS and participants in the suit do not know it, the CCOS law firm, Oxman, Tulis, Kirkpatrick, Whyatt & Geiger has a relationship with Westchester County Medical Center. One of their principals ( Marc Tulis) being the chairman of the board of the agency that runs the Westchester County Medical Center.

Let’s think: It makes sense for O.T.K.W. & G to step in give CCOS a hand. The organizations have similar interests, and law firms can represent clients in fields where they are active, despite interlocking relationships. It’s the nature of the business. The Westchester County Medical Center is a direct rival of New York Presbyterian Hospital contending for the dwindling pool of Pataki biotech research dollars NYPH needs to build its proton accelerator/biotech research facility. The Westchester County Medical Center wants biotech funds, too. Sounds like it makes very good business sense for Westchester County Medical Center and Mr. Tulis, and Mr. Oxman (an Andy Spano supporter, now ousted Executive Director of the Democratic Party) to use their law expertise to step in on the side of good old Concerned Citizens for Open Space. Who better? Very much like Shoprite trying to stop a Stop N Shop project.

CCOS and their good people being used to make a point?

I mean somebody, some organization, or some account has to pay Oxman, Tulis, Kirpatrick, Whyatt & Geiger’s fees, and it is likely not to be the “deep pockets of CCOS” which may be more accurately described as “a tin cup with change in it,” inasmuch CCOS has never divulged how much money they raised in two separate pleas for funds with the last six months. The tab on an Article 78 is like a White Plains parking meter. It goes up fast. Who’s funding that?

Oxman, Tulis, Kirpatrick, Whyatt & Geiger is reported by CCOS to be giving CCOS a real cut rate. WPCNR commends the law firm for its generosity and pro bono spirit doing what’s in the best interest of CCOS. But wouldn’t it also be in the best interest of Westchester County Medical Center to stop the proton accelerator, or acquiring it or its biotech lab for themselves? It makes logical sense that O.T.K.W & G, experts at winning contentious zoning battles would be a logical choice of both the Westchester County Medical Center and CCOS to go hard at the City of White Plains

What’s curious is what we can only assume is coincidental timing when Oxman, Tulis, Kirpatrick, Whyatt & Geiger were formed: in the spring of 2001. The law firm was created just after New York Presbyterian Hospital settled the lawsuit they had against the City of White Plains in January 2001 and had announced their plans to build a proton accelerator. Within three months of that settlement, Oxman, Tulis, Kirkpatrick & Whyatt was formed. John Kirkpatrick is a zoning expert, and Mr. Whyatt was a zoning, environmental specialist long a CCOS advocate, who were invited to join the law firm. They were circling the wagons against a New York Presbyterian Hospital approval which was granted just four months later in August of this year?

Whyatt continued to speak out for CCOS as the proton accelerator environmental review began and his signature is on the lawsuit as being affiliated with Oxman Tulis, Kirkpatrick law firm in the current CCOS Article 78 action. Why would Messrs. Oxman and Tulis, highly successful zoning and real estate litigators, want to affiliate with Messrs. Whyatt and Kirkpatrick at that time?

Mr. Whyatt’s legal advice, reportedly pro buono had produced mixed results for the CCOS cause: 1.)The loss of 60 acres of free land through Whyatt’s argument to revisit eminent domain, and 2.) The persuasion of the Common Council that they had a right not to refer the NYPH project for review.

The Council decision that Mr. Whyatt argued for and prevailed, precipitated the disastrous (for the city) New York Presbyterian Hospital Article 78 suit against the Common Council and subsequent “blackjack” settlement with NYPH in January 2001, giving Presbyterian Hospital the whip hand over the city, blocking any chance at negotiation for park land. Did Oxman and Tulis think CCOS needed more help than Whyatt could provide on the Article 78?

Department of Employment The new Stop N Shop on 90 Westchester Avenue at the City’s eastern “Gateway,” is advertising for staffers. The very sharp redbrick edifice completing rapidly at South Kensico Avenue and Westchester Avenue, unfortunately marred by “Mobil Ugly” has openings for part-time Grocery, Produce, Florist & Cashiers at $6.75 an hour, Meat & Deli men at $7.50 an hour, Bake Shop Salad Bar, for $6.35 an hour, Seafood guys for $6.50 an hour, and baggers, $6.05 an hour, and Night Crew, $8.25 an hour plus 10% premium. Go to the Stop & Shop Website at, or telephone 914-686-8913.

Department of Unemployed Reporters In what came a complete surprise to us, because we do not quite understand it, The Journal-News, the only daily newspaper in Westchester County, is looking for a Director of Public Relations. Another surprise: They are also looking to upgrade their website content aggressively, seeking an “Online Multimedia Content Developer, to research and write online content for their site, propose and develop new online products. Research and recommend multimedia components to supplement content.”

That’s a serious mistake: writers, creative types – idea men and women — do not have a clue on how HTML, Photoshop and streaming media works, news clips work. They just have great ideas. Getting a tech type in is not the way to improve a website. Bells, Whistles, Icons is not what you need. Content is the key. Creative, ever-changing content. If you’re interested, E-mail resume to or fax your resume to 914-696-8174, tell them the WhitePlains CitizeNetReporter sent you.

Department of Parking Garage Management: The Westchester Mall is gearing up for the holiday season and holding an Open House for Valets, Cashiers, Traffic Directors at $6.75 an hour. Monday 10 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at 125 Westchester Avenue at the South Paulding Entrance. Email your resume to:, or Fax it to 914-683-8596.

That’s what we heard last week. That’s the beauty of Hearsay you never know what you’re going to get. Look for more Hearsay, when we get it. Remember, it’s just “Hearsay.”

Good Day, Mr. and Mrs. White Plains.

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It’s Bradley and Paulin to Albany for White Plains

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WPCNR EVENING CITY STAR REPORTER. By John F. Bailey. November 5, 2002 UPDATED: Adam Bradley was elected by a 12 to 1 margin over Joseph Giardina to his first elected office, Assemblyperson for the 89th Assembly District Tuesday. Incumbent Assemblyperson Amy Paulin weathered her ethnic indiscretions of the last two weeks by defeating Tony Sayegh, by a 58% to 42% margin with 72% of the votes counted. Suzi Oppenheimer will represent White Plains in the State Senate.
Mr. Bradley, surrounded by an oddly subdued entourage of White Plains Democrats, Glen Hockley, Tom Roach, who were visible on television and a poker-faced Jonathan Appel, spoke to the media at Heathcote Tavern in Scarsdale. A calm Bradley said he was looking forward to working with Amy Paulin in the Assembly, whom he described as one of the most effective new Assemblypersons in Albany with a great freshman record in the Assembly, and said he looked forward to working with her for White Plains.

Ms. Paulin, claimed victory over Sayegh at about 10:45 PM, appearing rather subdued and relieved in her television appearance, said her victory proved it was results that counted, and that she would move forward to work more on womens issues, keeping taxes low, and protecting the environment. In the portion of the speech telecast, she did not mention her opponent by name, but she may have mentioned Mr.Sayegh earlier before camera cut to her, away from Mr. Bradley. Turn in the Paulin-Sayegh contest was 32%. With 72% of the votes counted, she lead Mr. Sayegh, 13,372 to 9,877.

Oppenheimer Cruises

Suzi Oppenheimer goes back to the senate with a 2 to 1 margin over Irving Scharf to represent White Plains.

Big winner of night was not Governor George Pataki, but the Board of Elections

The Westchester County Board of Elections posted results early and often, updating their site of election tallys on the average of every 10 minutes, even less. The Board,which has been taken to task for lagging returns, especially in the September 5 primary this year, performed we thought flawlessly Tuesday evening. The site was easy to get to, and results downloaded quickly.

Republican Judges Slide off Pataki’s robes in Westchester, but Rockland, Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster provide victory.

Mr. Pataki’s coattails did not extend to the Supreme Court candidates in Westchester County. All three Republican Judge candidates who accepted the Right to Life endorsement were having problems big-time in Westchester County as of 11:30 PM, but the four counties North of Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, Putnam, and Ulster, gave them the margins they needed retain the bench

James Brands , Thomas Dickerson, and Mary Smith ran 14,000, 10,000, and 10,000 votes, respectively behind Republican Janet Difiore, with 69,000 votes, and also behind Linda Jamieson, another Republican with 60,000 votes in Westchester County. Both Defiore and Jamieson did not run on the Right to Life line.

Ahead were Democrat candidates, Bruce Tolbert with 67,000 votes; Marc Lust with 63,000; Jeffery Cohen with 68,400 votes. As of 11:30 PM, in a close horse race the judgeships on the Supreme Court look to be the three Democrats, Tolbert, Cohen and Lust, and the two Republicans without the Right to Life line, Ms. DeFiore and Ms. Jamieson, but they were being hotly pursued by Republicans Dickerson and Smith.

The results were turned around in the northern counties by Wednesday morning. Janet DiFiore retained her lead with Brands, Dickerson, Smith and Jamieson following in that order. Cohen, Loer, Lust and Tolbert fell by the wayside.

Meanwhile back in county court.

Irene Ratner maintained her slim lead over Sam Walker votes.

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Election Results on the Westchester County Website

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From Westchester County Department of Communications. November 5, 2003:Election results will be posted on Westchester County’s web site starting shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov 5. This year, in addition to offering constantly updated results, the site will also provide a breakdown of county-wide numbers by municipality.

The unofficial tally of election results, which comes directly from the Westchester County Board of Elections computer system, will be posted at

As in previous years, the site will be updated every three minutes. Localized breakdowns will be provided for races that cross municipal boundaries and updated every half hour. To update, wpcnr_users should simply click the “refresh” or “reload” button on their web browsers.
Results will be posted for the Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, Congressional, State Senate and Assembly and judicial races.

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Council Approves $7MM Theater & Downtown Fountain Plaza, Mamaroneck Ave Garage S

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WPCNR COMMON COUNCIL CHRONICLE-EXAMINER. By John F. Bailey. November 5, 2002: The Common Council unanimously voted to approve design and construction of a dancing light fountain plaza last night and the construction of a Community Theater.

The council also voted to give Commissioner of Public Works Joseph Nicoletti the go-ahead on site and feasibility studies of building a single deck parking level on Mamaroneck Avenue behind the Rader’s toDunkin Donuts retail strip.

In other action, overnight parking on Old Mamaroneck Road had its public hearing closed with a rejection vote, based on a rare public poll of the council at the conclusion of the hearing. The possible negative vote is likely at the December meeting. Council President Benjamin Boykin told WPCNR the Council was going to ask Albany to approve home rule on the city streets to seek the ability to issue resident permits. Insiders said this was akin to killing the project.

The Calvary Baptist Church sanctuary was unanimously approved.

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Mitchell Tarnopal Confirms Paulin “Whispering Campaign”

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WPCNR HIGN NOON NEWS. By John F. Bailey. November 4, 2002 UPDATED: Under the classic headline Westchester Racewar a NY POST editorial appearing today, made The Post the first major print daily to report a political figure daring to confirm the existence of the Paulin anti-Sayegh whispering campaign.

Mitchell Tarnopal, Vice Chairman of the New Rochelle Democratic Party is reported as going on record that he was “aware” of a “whisper campaign” aimed at drawing voters away from Sayegh because of race.

In a related development, Robert Fois told WPCNR that County Legislator James Maisano had complained to a man described by Fois as a senior Republican Party Leader, whose identity Fois would not disclose, about Fois’ letter in addition to commenting to Howard Sturman, the publisher of Easterchester Town Report.

The editorial by Robert George, comments: “Mitchell Tarnopal, vice chairman of the New Rochelle Democratic Party, says it’s “not the type of politics we should be engaging in,” and that Tarnopal also said, “Lebanese Christians have been some of Israel’s strongest supporters.”

A number of figures have been reported as confirming this campaign, according to Robert Fois, but they have been reluctant to give their names for attribution. Some of them include a former Republican State Senate candidate, and six Democratic leaders in New Rochelle. WPCNR has asked for these names over this past weekend, but now at the eleventh hour the day before the election, they maintain their silence.

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