Feiner Will Help Locate Baby Formula

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To the Editor:

  Many parents with babies are stressed because they are having a difficult time getting the formula they need for their child. I would like to help. If you are having difficulty finding a formula your child needs please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. I will be asking student interns and volunteers  to help you find the formula and will also connect you to resourrces that we become familiar. There are formula finder sites  on social media. Will also reach out to medical professionals, other parents and find out if there are substitute formulas that your child can use.  

  This past weekend after we posted requests for specific hard to obtain formulas some residents were kind enough to donate unopened ,unused formulas that they have. We have a very caring community of neighbors who want to help fellow neighbors.  This is what makes our town special.

  If you don’t have a baby but want to volunteer and help parents get the formula they need for their child, please contact me. The formula finders initiative is inspired by the Covid Angels program we started last year –we helped thousands of Greenburgh residents get vaccinated when it was difficult to find the vaccines.  I can also be reached at 914-438-1343 (cell).

  Working together – we can make this crisis less stressful and  difficult for parents.  Leave your worries to us!  

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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