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WPCNR MILESTONES. From Benjamin Boykin Westchester County Legislator, District 5 (White Plains, Scarsdale, Harrison. April 2, 2022:

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

I wanted to share this special occasion with you.


Ben Boykin

On Monday evening, the Westchester County Board of Legislators commemorated Women’s History Month by honoring all of the women who have served the Board, in a live-streamed video presentation and ceremony.

Having elected 2 women to the top leadership positions for the first time in the Board’s history — Catherine Borgia as Chair and Nancy Barr as Vice Chair — it was fitting to pay tribute to all the women who have served the BOL since it first convened in 1970. From the start, women have been integral to this body as Legislators, and in leadership positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Majority and Minority Leader, and as Clerk.

A video comprised of personal messages from former Legislators was shown, and included segments from NYS Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-CousinsNYS Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, the Hon. Diane A. Keane-Foster, the Hon. Alfreda A. Williams, the Hon. Pearl C. Quarles, the Hon. Kitley Covill and the Hon. Ruth Walter.

They relayed anecdotes about winning their place at the table by balancing the budget, working across the aisle for economic and social equity for women and minorities, and helping to create the County Human Rights Commission.

A photo montage followed, chronicling the work of all the women Legislators which culminated with the Board’s appointment of Tajian Nelson as the first Black woman Democratic Election Commissioner at the March 7, 2022 Board meeting.

(L to R: Bottom row – Leg. Ben Boykin II, Leg. Terry Clements, Vice Chair Nancy Barr, Chair Catherine Borgia, Democratic. Election Commissioner Tajian Nelson,  Democratic County Committee  Chair Suzanne Berger, Maj. Leader Christopher Johnson, Leg. Jewel Williams Johnson, Leg. Erika Pierce, Top row – Min. Whip James Nolan, Leg. Damon Maher, Leg. Vedat Gashi, Leg. David Tubiolo, Maj. Whip Jose Alvarado)

Chair Borgia acknowledged and thanked the former women Legislators who were in the audience, asking them to stand with the women who currently serve, as pictured below. She concluded the program by remarking that it was wonderful to see all of these pictures of the women who had come before and to know of the battles they fought to benefit the current cohort. She added that everyone has an obligation, both men and women, to encourage young women to participate in government because it is clear that with equal representation, really good things happen.

(L to R Bottom row – Leg. Terry Clements, Hon. Ruth Walter, Hon. Alfreda A. Williams, Hon. Kitley Covill, Hon. Pearl C. Quarles, Chair Catherine Borgia, Vice Chair Nancy E. Barr, Top row – Leg. MaryJane Shimsky, Leg. Erika Pierce, Leg. Catherine F. Parker, Leg. Jewel Williams Johnson, Min. Leader Margaret Cunzio attended remotely)

Watch the video presentation here:

Read a program for Monday night’s event at:

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