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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From Gedney Association March 2, 2022:

The City of White Plains is requesting your input for the Comprehensive Plan Update!

Please visit ONE White Plains and click on Participate.

Here you can review the Draft Vision Statement and Planning Goals that were based on feedback collected during Phase I of the Plan update. Participants can add comments and give a thumbs up or down to comments left by other participants.

Outlined below is the Vision Statement of the Board. The Gedney Association along with White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations continue to urge the Common Council to reestablish the Committee Structure that was used in 1998, and institute a rezoning moratorium during the Comprehensive planning process.

Please email us with any questions.

The Gedney Association  
Comprehensive Plan Process Recommendations: 

Reestablish Committee Structure used in 1998 Update;Committees of a minimum of 8-10 persons focusing on a specific area;Committees shall report to a Management Committee;Management Committee shall summarize recommendations flowing from each Committee and report to Common Council;Initiate a Moratorium on any rezonings until completion of Plan update. 

Gedney Farms Vision Statement

Pertaining to Gedney Farms:

Preservation of low-density single-family zoning;Preservation of historic character of Gedney Farms;Encourage Open Space Preservation;Protection of Area Watercourses and Wetlands resources;Preserve natural areas that provide flood protection;Reduce cut-through traffic;Preserve R-30 single family zoning on golf course properties;Consider and manage flood risk; analyze properties at risk such as former FASNY property and other areas such as Gedney Park Drive.

Pertaining to South End of City:Protect low-density single-family zoning;Prohibit cut-through traffic on local streets;Prohibit multi-family apartments on existing low-density office parks;Limit retail to community related needs and limit to existing local retail centers;Maintain requisite fire and police services and consider future needs.

Pertaining to City-Wide Issues:

Protect the delicate balance between Downtown and surrounding single-family neighborhoods;Consider impacts and limits on City Infrastructure (i.e. schools, sewers, roads, traffic congestion, fire & police services and parks and recreation services;Return to lower height restrictions of residential and office properties in Downtown zoning;Limit multi-family housing to Downtown;Assess the decreasing role of retail facilities Downtown;An Open Space Plan should be a key component of a revised Master Plan;Examine the decline and changes of the office market downtown.

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