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WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. From Dr. Joseph Ricca, White Plains Superintendent of Schools. February 28, 2022 UPDATED WITH GOVERNOR HOCHUL “MASKLIFT” STATEMENT:

As a brief update, we are told to expect detailed guidance from the NYS Department of Health pertaining to COVID-19 mitigation and health/safety requirements within the next 48 hours or so.

While we know that masking in schools (and on district transportation) will become optional on Wednesday, there are still outstanding questions pertaining to the other mitigation strategies that run concurrently with masking.

(Editor’s Note: ) Governor Hochul annnounced the Masklift Sunday afternoon in this news release: “Today we are going to be announcing that we’ll be lifting the statewide mask requirement in schools, and that’ll be effective this Wednesday, March 2 

This came out at the end of the day, Friday, we took the entire weekend to work with our Department of Health and our team here at the Chamber, as well as reaching out to the teachers, the PTAs, talking to school superintendents, and even our Commissioner of Education, Betty Rosa, who’s been embedded in this issue with us and what an amazing partner she has been.” 

“We’re at our lowest point in pediatric cases since July of 2021, and that was before the school year started. So this has been our trend over the school year. So as you can all see, looking at the data and the evidence that we follow, that we are in a much, much better place.” )

(Dr. Ricca’s statement continues:) It is our understanding that these items will be addressed in the forthcoming guidance update. Once we receive this information, we will be sure to share the same with you.

Additionally, our Reopening Committee will meet this Wednesday to review all recommended changes from the NYSDoH. As always, we will share the recording of this next meeting with our community.

Throughout the pandemic, the WPCSD has worked hard to support all members of our community. We will continue our support efforts moving into the future. We recognize and respect that every member of our community is unique and that feelings and comfort levels with regard to the pandemic differ.

We recognize, and respect, that members of our community will choose to employ personal mitigation strategies, such as masking, into the future.

We as a community will respect all decisions and support all members of the community, masked, or not. We must also make certain that this level of community respect is mirrored in our school environments. Regardless of each individual’s decision to wear a mask, or not, all must be respected.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and flexibility as we begin to navigate this next phase of the pandemic.

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