Westchester Medical Center Moving “Swiftly”

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Just in — Westchester Medical Center Health Network issued this statement to WPCNR last night, but just received by WPCNR on the present status of their vaccinations assignments:

” Westchester Medical Center is moving swiftly through our vaccine allocation.

Daily we are vaccinating hundreds of our workforce members. Earlier this week, we also began administering the second dose to our workforce.

We are closely following New York State guidelines for vaccine prioritization and distribution, and are working under those guidelines hand-in-hand with nearly 200 community partners, including county departments of health, local government, emergency service and other community providers, to deploy vaccine allocations as they become available.

WPCNR has followed up with these queries:

    1. When does the Medical Complete expect to complete all first and second doses to all your personnel?  

2. How many are left to get the second dose and how many have to get their first shot?  

3. Is the second dose have a delay attached to it before it can be administered  after the first shot, does that explain the “lag” criticized by the Governor?

  4. Is there a shortage of vaccines to cover the persons in this first availability (your personnel) as seems alluded to in the last sentence of your statement?  

5. Do you have enough vaccine on hand to move on to the elderly, then the general public?  

6. Do you have an explanation for the delay (only 32% vaccinated according to the Governor) Monday

7. For patients suffering from Covid presently at your facilities, do you have enough approved treatment drugs on hand to help those hospitalized, or do you need more supplies?

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