City Center New Cleaning Contractor Will Offer Workers Jobs Back. Kite Realty to County Board: County Displaced Workers Law will be Followed

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WPCNR LABOR LAW JOURNAL. By John F. Bailey. December 28, 2020:

A spokesman for Kite Realty, of Indianapolis, Indiana, owners of the City Center in White Plains, told WPCNR this morning, the company has reached out to the Westchester County Board of Legislators (reacting to a letter the Board had written Kite Realty last week and published in WPCNR) and has assured the Board of Legislators the company had never considered not following the Displaced Persons Law in the Kite transition from one Cleaning Contractor to another, beginning January 1, 2021.

The spokesman made clear to WPCNR the developing situation:

Kite Realty Group wants all laws to be properly followed.

Kite Realty does not directly employ the cleaning workers

The previous cleaning vendor terminated their agreement with Kite Realty, and the contract was sent out to bid.

The new cleaning vendor is in the process of extending job offers to the required workers

We have reached out to the Board of Legislators and hope to be in contact with them soon.

WPCNR has learned that the previous contractor was not a union contractor, and the decision to seek a new cleaning contractor was forced upon Kite.

The number of persons required to clean the City Center is being determined by the new contractor, and the reason for the reduction, the spokesman believes, is that many of the City Center space renters are closed, thus reducing the need for the full force of cleaners (needed previously pre- covid) until the retail and restaurant venues become active.

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