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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS “WEEK-ENDS.” September 27, 2020:

White Plains Week Friday News Roundups of White Plains beginning this week are now on www.wpcnr.com.

White Plains Week in its 20th year of reporting of county, state, and national news is a penetrating analysis look of the important developments Mr. and Mrs. White Plains need to be aware each week and the effect on residents’ future.

Each new Friday program going forward will now be rebroadcast worldwide right here on www.wpcnr.com, after each new program produced Friday is aired on White Plains TV countywide on Verizon Fios ch 45 and in White Plains on Altice Optimum channel 76

Now that White Plains Television has opened the new White Plains Community Media studios in the White Plains Library and production is in smooth glitchless stride with no hiccups or malfunctions from the first day, WPCNR is pleased tor introduce the Friday, September 25 telecast with John Bailey and Jim Benerofe in the video below.

Click arrow, lower left to view the September 25 edition of White Plains Week.

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