Petition the Mayor to Tighten CellTower Regulations to Keep 5G Wireless Towers Out of Residential Neighborhoods–Sign Today

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Verizon and hired site developers are planning to install powerful 5G cell antennas along neighborhood streets in White Plains. These antennas, which are essentially mini-cell towers, will expose residents 24/7, without choice, to the well-documented health effects of (RF) microwave radiation. Our society’s infatuation with technology cannot rationalize this plan. 5GAlert Westchester is asking that all White Plains residents sign on immediately to this petition.

The petition calls on Mayor Roach and the Common Council to amend the city’s current wireless code to make it more protective of citizens and the city itself. The intent is not to ban 5G, but rather to safeguard the most vulnerable of our population – pregnant women, children, teens, the elderly, the disabled, and the imuno-suppressed.

The deadline for this petition is today, July 14, so please sign on immediately to keep powerful cell antennas away from our homes. This appeal is submitted by 5GAlert Westchester, one of 140 groups nationally working to delay the rollout of 5G cell antennas in order to protect residents from the proven health effects of (RF) microwave radiation.

Thank you, John. Please call me if you have any questions or if you would like support material.

Ruth F. Moss

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