Malls in Phase 4 state-wide–Equipped With MERV-13 AND MERV 11 Highly Effective Air Filtration Systems May Open Friday

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WPCNR REPOPENING REPORTER. From Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Benjamin Boykin, July 9, 2020:

Beginning Friday, July 10, malls in regions that are in Phase Four of reopening can open as long as they have enhanced HVAC filtration systems and measures in place. These consist of:

  • MERV-13 or highest compatible with the system – but not less than MERV-11 rating. MERV-13 filters out the coronavirus.
  • Ventilation Protocols – Increased outdoor air, reduced air re-circulation, longer system run times, and frequent filter checks.

Read the complete Malls Summary Guidelines from NYS here:

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