2 County Police Officers Rescue Woman from Submerged Car in Macy Park

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Pulled from her vehicle after it entered the water

WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From Westchester County Police. April 14, 2020:

A Westchester County Police sergeant jumped into frigid waters today to rescue a woman whose car drove into Woodlands Lake at V.E. Macy Park in Irvington.

Sgt. Jeff Slotoroff swam out to the vehicle, reached in through a partially opened window to unlock the driver’s side door, and was able to force it open enough to remove the woman from the car.

As he swam back toward shore holding the woman, Captain James Luciano tied a rescue rope around his waist, entered the lake and was able to take over bringing the victim to safety as other officers on land held the rope to stabilize them.

The incident began about 9:30 a.m. when County Police received 911 calls reporting that a vehicle had driven into Woodlands Lake.

The woman, who remained conscious during the incident, was taken by ambulance to Westchester Medical Center for treatment. County Police are investigating what caused her car to go into the lake.

“Sgt. Slotoroff and Captain Luciano put themselves in harm’s way to rescue this driver. I commend them for their skillful and courageous actions,” Public Safety Commissioner Thomas A. Gleason said.

An Ardsley police officer and a woman who was riding her bike in the park also entered the water in the effort to rescue the woman. Gleason thanked them along with fire and EMS personnel that responded to the scene.

Woodlands Lake, which is fed by the Saw Mill River, is usually about 5 feet deep but was likely higher and more turbulent as a result of yesterday’s significant rainfall.

Members of the County Police Emergency Service Unit also responded, searched the vehicle to ensure no one else was inside it and secured it before it became fully submerged. The vehicle will be removed from the lake this afternoon

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