The Chairman of the Board Releases Westchester Board of Legislators Accomplishments of 2019

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER, From County Legislator Benjamin Boykin December 19, 2019:

With the conclusion of the 2018-2019 legislative term, Board of Legislators Chairman Ben Boykin (D – White Plains, Scarsdale, Harrison) has released an End of Term Report.

The report, which is attached, details dozens of actions taken by the Board over the past two years to stabilize the County’s finances, restore Westchester’s infrastructure, improve County parks, safeguard the environment, increase affordable housing, protect public health and safety, support working families and make Westchester more fair and inclusive.

“The residents of Westchester elected the most diverse Board in County history for the 2018-2019 legislative term and asked us to confront many challenges,” Boykin said. “Foremost was the need to stabilize the County’s finances, after years of structural budget deficits and dwindling reserve funds. But we also faced a backlog of hundreds of millions of dollars of essential improvements to roads, bridges, parks and facilities, as well as the duty to ensure that our laws and regulations reflect our values. While there is always more work to be done, I’m proud to say that with diligent effort, bipartisan cooperation and a steadfast focus, the Board has been able to achieve these goals.”

Copy of report is attached.  It is also available on the BOL website at:

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