Christmas Past

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WPCNR ROVING PHOTOGRAPHER. An Album of Christmas Past: 

These photographs of Christmas night and Christmas Days of the Past feature  some of the festive lights of the city, an American parlor, a typical family dinner setting, complete with kids’ table, and a Christmas Hearth.

It is especially important that at this time of troubles in our country, that families and members of communities everywhere in America, appreciate each other as individuals and treat each other with respect and understanding and not act in ways we know are wrong. Listen to the voice in your head that always tells you what the right thing to do is and the right way to act and how to rise above hurts of past and heal. That is the message of this holiday.

Though the pictures below are from the recent past, I fondly remember when my Grandmother, Gertrude Pinneo of Pleasantville always gathered her children, their children, and all the cousins for the Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house. Attendance was mandatory.

The cocktail hour featured Ritz crackers with peanut butter, cream cheese, Ritter’s relish and a pickle on top. And of course, potato chips, dips, celery and carrots. (This was the 1950s), and there was no television set in the living room with her ornate 1930s furniture.

I still see her now at the head of the table carving a huge roast beef, with mashed potatoes, gravy creamed peas, mince pie for dessert with us all gathered round.

These dinners no longer happen as my nieces and nephews are spread around the country. But I miss them. So may you enjoy the spirit of family I was fortunate enough to experience in those years and tomorrow this holiday.

SANTA’S WORKSHOP and Reindeer, White Plains. Photo by The WPCNR Roving Photographer.

A Holiday Parlor. Photo by the WPCNR Roving Photographer.

A Holiday Hearth. Photo by the WPCNR Roving Photographer.

A HOLIDAY TABLE, Complete with “Kids’ Table” Photo by the WPCNR Roving Photographer

Christmas Morning, 2005. Photo by the WPCNR Roving Photographer

The Yule Log from White Plains Bake Shoppe. Photo, WPCNR Roving Photographer.

Christmas Treats. Photo by WPCNR Roving Photographer.

Kitten’s First Christmas. Bela The Christmas Kitten. Photo,

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