County Legislature $1.84 B Budget Responsible Puts County on Right Track Again Boykin Writes

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Dear Friends and Neighbors:
My colleagues and I on the Board of Legislators came together to pass a bi-partisan budget, by a 12-5 vote, that puts Westchester back on a responsible fiscal path after eight years of mismanagement.
This budget funds important services for Westchester’s middle class families while attempting to address the fiscal mess and long-term budget hole of over $100M left by the outgoing Astorino Administration.
An increase to the tax levy of 2% equals roughly $11M in added funds to our County’s budget. Based on each municipalities varying state equalization rate – this is approximately a $25-$35 per year increase to the average homeowner.
So for about the cost of a movie for two, you will fund the hiring of (Astorino-eliminated) engineers that will get to work on our crumbling infrastructure, hire needed public safety officers so our parks and roads are protected, hire curators to educate the public about our one-of-a-kind County park system, help provide affordable child care for Westchester’s working families, and fund cost-effective programs that work to prevent domestic violence and other services to help individuals and families across the County.
As we heard from our independent auditors, the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee, The League of Women Voters, and The Scarsdale Forum, our county’s financial situation is not a good one – and the issues just keep compounding. (See the links below for those organization statements on the budget.)
We still have a lot of work to do but I am proud we were able to come together from both sides of the aisle to pass a budget that looks to finally get real with our finances so Westchester can have a brighter future.
Benjamin Boykin
Westchester County Legislator

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