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Mike Gordon, speaking on the White Plains Television program PEOPLE TO BE HEARD, describing his 2lst Century Infrastructure program being offered to local communities and ultimately across the state.


WPCNR THE POWER NEWS. By John F. Bailey. August 3, 2017:

Mike Gordon, CEO of Joule Assets,  has announced his company will offer the Westchester communities enrolled presently in Sustainable Westchester, a new deal on Clean Energy supply guaranteeing clean energy savings for 20 years.   Speaking on White Plains Television in this week’s People to Be Heard, he announced:

“I have stepped away from engagement with Sustainable Westchester and Joule Assets has pulled together 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy supply around New York State. We are inviting communities in Westchester  to join that bid because it is a very powerful bid  and it’s going to be in Q4 and Q1 of 2017-18. Communities can get a plethora of really cool things if they join that bid.

If the municipalities  join with this bid, what they would  do is a 100% of their residents who are currently buying with the utility or current  community choice aggregator would then move to the winning supplier or suppliers. They would be buying on behalf of their residents and businesses.”

Asked if he was competing with Sustainable Westchester, Gordon said:

“We are inviting municipalities to contract with us to engage with us. I am wide open to engaging sustainable Westchester as a partner in that endeavor and having them join us to provide services for it. Because I think the sustainability focus  is very powerful. They are free to join or not. In this case,  their core capability is to organize in the grass roots. I think that’s a very powerful capability. I’d welcome them to participate. But we’re moving ahead independently.”

Gordon is the key figure in forming Sustainable Westchester two years ago and persuading 24 Westchester cities (including White Plains) to participate in the program. He was previously Co Chair of Sustainable Westchester, as well as being CEO of his company, Joule Assets, described itself on its website :

“Joule Assets actively empowers businesses, investors, communities, and individuals to capitalize on reductions of energy consumption through innovative financing, creative business models, and regulatory policy in the U.S. and Europe.”

Gordon describes the program this way:

Residents do not have to have a solar installation to participate, if their municipality accepts the Joule Assets bid. Gordon said that if they did, the solar installation would save them even more.

“We’re not going to be yet able to supply 100% of a home’s power with solar so if they (home owners) do (install a solar panel), they could get to 100% solar and save money on all of it so, the answer is yes.”

He said that the renewable energy suppliers Joule has lined up to form the bid would supply solar power, wind power and hydro power sources.

WPCNR asked of the 3 billion kilowatts would be exclusively clean energy. Gordon issued this statement:

“We’re doing a TOTAL buy of an estimated 3 billion kilowatt hours and perhaps a 100 million of those Kwhs will be local solar—the rest will be traditional supply mix that we are apt to green by buying renewable credits from more remote renewable power plants. All of it, including the couple hundred million solar kwhs, will be shot through to customers through the existing power grid.”

WPCNR asked who would supply White Plains customers enrolled in the Sustainable Westchester/Westchester Power renewable energy rate supplied by Constellation, if the Joule Assets Rate is accepted.

He gave this statement:

“For the 2.8 Billion kilowatts we need to buy, Constellation and bunches of other suppliers are invited to bid to supply us. Just as with Sustainable Westchester’s first bid (and next presumably.”

Gordon said Joule Assets is offering the municipalities and Westchester across the state a 20 year contract, with $2,000,000 in savings over the first five years of the contract.

Gordon’s company of 35 energy experts is planning  to offer the Joule program to communities across New York State, and his company is working on offering agreements to other states across the country. He said Sustainable Westchester experience in creating the Westchester collection of  aggregate community buys resulting in the fixed green energy rate for 24 communities, would be an asset and aid in signing more communities upstate, if Sustainable chose to work with Joule Assets.

Gordon describes the program on White Plains TV’s People to Be Heard (which you can see at 8 PM Thursday, Fios Channel 45 and Altice Cablevision Channel 76).  Mr. Gordon was on the program to describe what the state of renewable energy is, going into the second year of the Sustainable Energy program.

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