Common Council Reaffirms Ridgeway Parcel A Site of Proposed FASNY Construction is an “Environmentally Sensitive” Site. Keeps 5-2 Majority Needed for Approval of Project in Play. SEE THE ACTION AS IT UNFOLDED ON CITY WEBSITE

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In a televised 20-minute meeting just concluded at City Hall at 6:20 P.M,, Mayor Tom Roach, Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona, Councilman John Martin, Councilman Dennis Krolian, and Councilwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson voted to approve the Commissioner of Planning Christopher Gomez’s Resolution presented last week that determines the Parcel A is still an “Environmentally Sensitive” site.

Viewers may see the action in its entirety as video taped by White Plains TV on the city’s website at

The French American School of New York had asked the city to declare the Parcel A not to be environmentally sensitive, which would have created a review of their Alternative Site Plan, that would only require a 4-3 margin for approval. Instead, by retaining the Environmentally Sensitive condition by tonight’s vote, the Council would still have to vote 5-2 in favor. Previously the vote on a North Street entrance to the site went down to defeat because only 4 Councilpersons voted for it. (They had needed 5 Council Votes.

The upshot of the Wednesday evening vote is the entire property is still classified “environmentally sensitive,” and requires a 5-2 vote for approval of a Special Permit to develop the site as a school campus.






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