Westchester County Association Forms Task Force Sets Roundtables to Proceed with 4-City Smart Growth Program

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WPCNR LETTER TICKER. From William Mooney, Westchester County Association. March 9, 2017:

We’re delighted that others are hopping aboard the Westchester County Association’s Smart Growth train!
One of the most significant economic development trends dramatically affecting our region today is Smart Growth, a concept the Westchester County Association pioneered in Westchester through our Blueprint for Westchester five years ago. It emphasized:mixed-use development; sustainable, walkable cities; and upgrading our infrastructure, among other things.

Thanks to WCA’s leadership, the Smart Growth concept of Work. Live. Play. has taken hold. This comes at a critical time, as New York City runs out of affordable business and housing space. As a result, Westchester’s cities are enjoying unprecedented transformation of their downtown areas, and the county is becoming more and more attractive to millennials, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and business.
Four months ago, the WCA entered a far-sighted Smart Growth ComPACT with the County’s four largest cities – New Rochelle, Yonkers, White Plains, and Mt. Vernon – to actively collaborate, and pioneered a new phase in Smart Growth: Gigabit broadband, which will give us the super-speed, super capacity connectivity that healthcare organizations, businesses, and municipalities require for 21st century success.
I am excited to announce today some important updates.
First, that a Steering Committee has formed, and will pave the way for gigabit-speed broadband in this county. It is comprised of some of the most informed, respected, and enterprising individuals in our midst:
Jack L. Kopnisky, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sterling National Bank
  • William Harrington, Chairman, Board of Directors, WCA
  • Rizwan (Riz) Khaliq, CMO, IBM Global Public Sector and Smarter Cities.
  • Rebecca Ledingham, Vice President for Cyber Threats and Intelligence, MasterCard
  • Clive Henry, Partner Sales Manager, Media & Entertainment, Adobe
  • Joseph Simone, President & CEO, Simone Development
  • Ken Theobalds, VP, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Entergy
  • Michael D. Israel, CEO and President of WMCHealth
  • Dr. Belinda S. Miles, President, Westchester Community College
  • Mayor Noam Bramson, City of New Rochelle
  • Mayor Tom Roach, City of White Plains
  • Mayor Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon
  • Mayor Mike Spano, City of Yonkers
  • Joan McDonald, Strategic Advisor, WCA
  • William M. Mooney, President & CEO, WCA
  • Blair Levin, the national leader on broadband policy and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, is serving as a voluntary advisor.
Second, the Westchester County Association, has organized various Smart Growth committees for our urban downtowns: the creation of Innovation Districts; more multi-family housing; and healthcare policy. 
Third, the WCA is entering a Community Partnership with the BioPharma Research Council, a consortium dedicated to stimulating knowledge sharing and collaboration across the many research companies and institutions across the region.
Finally, in the coming months, the WCA will produce the following:
  • a series of business and community roundtables starting in April, in partnership with the four cities; 
  • a power-packed Real Estate Showcase in May; 
  • the issuance in June of an RFP for a national gigabit broadband consultant; 
  • a technology/healthtech conference in the fall;
  • and much much more.
Other terrific programs and initiatives will be announced shortly, organized by our fantastic team. We will keep you apprised about these activities and as new members of the Steering Committee are announced.
This is a hugely exciting time for the WCA, and Westchester County and its four largest cities. The WCA in partnership with the four cities, other municipalities, and members of the business, healthcare, and nonprofit communities, will continue to lead our county on a path of transformation, growth, and progress. We invite you to join us!
Bill Mooney
President & CEO
Westchester County Association

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