Public Relations ploy by FASNY, Anti-FASNY Writer Feels.

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This (ACT White Plains movement )  is just another example of FASNY’s heavily financed PR in action.

I have not seen this letter yet but I am certain it contains the same names that we have seen over and over again; most whom have some personal ties with FASNY and/or live nowhere near the project.  It is silly for anyone to actually believe this is a group separate from FASNY.

 A super majority (5-2)  is needed on an Environmentally sensitive site for a good reason; to protect the environment. To suggest the council who voted “NO” to closing a public street and giving the property to FASNY so they could build their mega development, should change their vote because this small group is launching a website is silly.

 The only thing that FASNY has demonstrated is they want what they want and they will do anything to get it. The new President of the Board of Trustees of FASNY  waited just two days before the council voted to write a very strong letter to the City threatening to bring legal action if they did not get what they want.

Make no mistake about it, this latest publicity stunt is nothing more then trying to influence the judge by using the media.  They even go as far as to claim they deliberately did not file a damages suit because why???????  Could it have something to do with the fact they have already received handsome offers to buy the property?  Even an offer from a golf course developer who has offered almost DOUBLE what they paid for the property.  We are not going to stand by while they try to bully their way into destroying a neighborhood.  

Ellen Lee

White Plains

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