Neighbors Organization– ACT White Plains Says “Tail is Wagging the Dog” at Citizens to Be Heard Asks Krolian, Lecuona, Hunt-Robinson to “Reconsider Your Vote” on French American School.

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Four persons representing some 90 signers of a letter to the Mayor from a new political action group they call ACT ¬†White Plains, called upon Councilmembers Nadine Hunt-Robinson, Milagros Lecuona, and Dennis Krolian to “reconsider” their 3 negative votes that denied the closing of Hathaway Lane August 5, which killed the proposed plan for a new French American School of New York campus on the former Ridgeway Country Club.

The letter said the three councilpersons who voted “No” on Hathway Lane closure, as “The tail is wagging the dog.”

The vote that Monday night in August resulted in a suit filed by The French American School of New York to reverse the council ruling. That suit is now under consideration by Judge Joan Lefkowitz in New York Supreme Court.

The group in their letter to the Mayor and Common Council which was read to the council, did not specifiy what they wanted the Common Council to do.

WPCNR has learned that the French American School has financing in place with a “reputable” financial institution to start and complete the project if the Common Council should reverse its decision either before or after the Judge makes their decision.

WPCNR has also learned that the school’s present attitude is simply that they want to build the school, and the source told me the school deliberately did not file a damages suit, because any court decision in their favor would have the potential of amplifying the damages the school they could ask for.

The letter presented by ACT said they were acting before it was too late and the city lost the prospect of a park and a school that would benefit the neighborhood of Gedney Farms and city.

A knowlegeable source from the French American School told WPCNR, they had no idea the group was being formed or was going to present this evening before today.

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