Parents of Disabled, called on to rally the NY legislature to Provide Facilities to Care for Disabled of Aging Parents

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WPCNR LETTER TICKER. December 23, 2014:

Two days before Christmas, Winifred Schiff of the Interagency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc., has written this letter to concerned parents and agency heads to call for a strong effort to address Governor Andrew Cuomo on the growing crisis in the disabled population.

Dear All:
On November 21st the Governor vetoed four bills representing critical issues to people with developmental disabilities and their families.  The vetoes were a disappointment but they represent a beginning rather than an ending.
With the Governor’s budget proposal due the end of next month, the vetoes represent a political opportunity to initiate an effort with the public, the press and, most importantly, with the Legislature and the Governor.
They need to address the exploding crisis faced by families because New York State has effectively stopped development of day and residential opportunities for people with developmental disabilities who are living at home with aging family members.
Mobilize your families to send letters to the Governor,
State Senator and Assemblymember NOW!
·         Family members must urge their State Senator and Assemblymember to let the Governor know that it is important to their constituents that additional funding for the development of critically needed residential and day supports and services be included in his 2015-2016 Executive Budget.
·         Let Governor Cuomo know that there is an exploding crisis.  Many families are desperate for day and/or residential supports and services for their loved ones with developmental disabilities.
·         Urge Governor Cuomo to include additional funding for these supports and services in his Executive Budget.
·         Legislators must be reminded that the Governor vetoed four bills that were passed by both houses without a single negative vote.  Family members must tell them that they expect them to continue to support the key issue these bills represent.  They need to reach out to the Governor and their leaders and advocate for a budget that addresses supports and services for people living at home.
Click HERE to send emails or letters to the Governor and your Senator and Assemblymember.
When you get to the page, you’ll see two boxes – the top is for legislators and the bottom is for the Governor – please repeat the procedure twice to send letters separately to the Governor and then to your Senator and Assemblymember.
We need to influence the Governor’s budget proposal due out on or before February 1st.  Once his budget is presented, much has already been decided.
Winifred Schiff
Associate Executive Director for Legislative Affairs
InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc.
150 West 30th Street  15th floor
New York, NY  10001

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