Residents with a yard full of tree on the ground must clear it themselves.

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WPCNR HOMELAND NEWS. November 3, 2014: If you’re one of the White Plains residents who have trees down in your yard, and wondering if the limbs are from a city tree if the city will come in your yard and remove the limbs, the DPW Department of Forestry advises WPCNR they will not due to insurance issues.

The Forestry Department told WPCNR they will remove fallen limbs and take them away if you get them to the curb, regardless of what tree had limbs taken down by the 50 mile per hour limbs yesterday.

It is unclear due to the extent of tree damage around White Plains, how soon the forestry specialists can get to pruning damaged city trees within owners property but within the distance (believed to be 10 feet), from the curb that makes a tree “city property.”

WPCNR is awaiting a statement from City Hall advising citizens with tree limbs down from city trees (or trees well off the city 10 foot or whatever footage from the curb that defines a city tree on  city property).

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