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WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. September 8, 2014:

The French American School of New York today confirmed to WPCNR through its spokesperson,  that the school had permitted the use of their First Class Postal Permit to be used to send out a letter presented to them by Marc Siegel, a White Plains resident.

Geof Thompson, told WPCNR Monday afternoon the letter was not written by FASNY, that it was submitted by Mr. Siegel, but Thompson did not know if Mr. Siegel had written all of the letter himself, or had written it in collaboration with others.

Thompson said Mr. Siegel told FASNY that he wanted to get the letter out to the city of White Plains, and that the FASNY permit would help them get it out faster before this evening’s hearing. Thompson also said FASNY was happy to do that, since there were 20 signatories of the letter at the time, which have now grown to 62, Thompson said.

Asked if the group was going to reimburse The French American School of New York for the cost of the postage (which is discounted with the First Class Permit), Thompson said he “had not had that discussion yet, but I would think so.”

The official statement issued today  by Mr. Thompson on the mailing  in dispute reads:

 “Read your story about the letter from neighbors who are supporting FASNY and the predictable attempt by some opponents to discredit it.  That FASNY has many supporters in White Plains and in the Gedney area neighborhoods shouldn’t come as a shock.  As you know, the school has sponsored multiple open houses and has otherwise communicated with its neighbors and the rest of the city from the time it acquired the property nearly three years ago.  We have been totally transparent.

We have enjoyed support from the beginning, although the opponents tend to be more vocal and visible.  Not even close to every property had an anti-FASNY lawn sign even in the early days when that effort was at its peak two years ago.  At virtually every public hearing there have been numerous FASNY supporters and speakers from White Plains.  Now, with the final hearing tonight, many of those on both sides of the school plan not illogically are letting their opinions be known.

The neighbors who wrote the letter of support (there are now over 60 signatories) wanted to distribute it to their fellow neighbors, just as the opponents have done with their views through the GNA (Gedney Neighborhood Association) mailing list.

Realizing that the hearing date was close, the supporters asked if FASNY would allow them to use the school’s postal indicia in order to assure that the letter could be mailed as efficiently as possible in order to reach households prior to the hearing and FASNY was pleased to oblige.  It’s a well-written letter drafted by sincere people who, I’m sure all parties agree, have a right to express their views.  FASNY is deeply appreciative to receive their support.”

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