Judge Allows Teatown Deer Kill to Proceed

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Head for the Hills.


The Journal News reported this morning that Judge Lester Adler has made a decision that allows Teatown Lake Reservation, the private teaching pereserve and nature center in the northwest part of Westchester County to proceed with a deer kill, allowing sharpshooters from the government to lure Teatown deer at night into an ambush and kill up to 75 deer in the month of February.

Westchester County Government does not have authority to stop the Teatown policy deer kill (adopted to cut back on deer destroying young seedlings in the Teatown forest by eating them), because Teatown is private property.

A group of neighbors and members of the Teatown are holding a protest against the kill in Croton Point Park this morning at the Eaglefest celebration. Linda Conte, a spokesperson for the group told WPCNR this morning, the group attorney David  Bernheim feels he will appeal the decision.

To date the leaders of Teatown have declined to address protests of hundreds of Reservation members who are against the Teatown kill policy.

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