Sunrise Rises Again at the Zoning Board of Appeals–WednesDAY!

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WPCNR NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. From the Carhart Association. January 6, 2014:
The Zoning Board of Appeals will hear an appeal Wednesday January 8th at 7PM by Sunrise of an interpretation made by Commissioner of Building Amadio on August 14thn(2013) that an “alcoholism facility” does not meet the criteria of a “community residence”.
Should the ZBA over-turn this decision, then Sunrise would need to submit a new Application and begin the process all over again to tae the Nathan Miller Nursing Home on DeKalb Avenue and turn it into an alcohol-drug rehab facility.
Should the ZBA uphold Amadio’s decision, then Sunrise would almost definitely go back to federal court and re-file their discrimination against the disabled lawsuit against White Plains.

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