Mystery Projects Rumored About for WP. Nobody’s Talking. Look for 2017 Opening?

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WPCNR BIG DEALER. August 21, 2013:

Last week at a RealShare Conference in White Plains held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, RPW Group head Robert Weisz spoke of a 300-unit  housing project he said he was planning to build on the 1133 Westchester Avenue property.

Martin Berger of Saber Real Estate in Armonk also announced a mixed-use project of 600,000 feet somewhere in the White Plains area. Alex Phillippidis, a journalist who follows White Plains developments sent WPCNR a link to an article by John Jordan for Globe Street –a real estate website that provides a teasing bit of detail, but no steak and potatoes on the Weisz project–high rise, low-rise, shopping mall, upscale market, impacts on neighborhood, what’s he have in mind?

WPCNR placed several calls to RPW group’s public relations  person  Monday and then  when that person did not respond placed one to Mr. Weisz asking for details on his project for 1133 Westchester. So far Mr. Weisz has been able to return the call.

WPCNR met Mayor Tom Roach on Main Street today and I  asked about the Weisz 1133 Westchester Avenue project. The Mayor said he did not know anything concrete about it until he has seen the plans.

The article on Globe Street  is at )

It says that Weisz told the gathering he was going to build 300 units of residential housing near his 1133 Westchester Avenue office building and that he planned to spend $60 Million on it and he has not filed plans with the city.

The project is not really as new as it appears, Weisz said the same thing on a Westfair Panel last April, talking about building a residential project on the 1133 site.

Daniel Offner, writing in  The Harrison Report had better luck talking with Mr. Weisz than WPCNR did. The Harrison Report website reported this week (it is no longer up, the site is reported under construction)  that Weisz said it would be “affordable housing,” however the reporter did not clarify in the article what Weisz meant by “affordable housing,” but quoted Weisz extensively on the need for housing for young working men and women. The Harrison Report article also said the new housing would be built on top of the 1133 site.

Needless to say, details are sketchy and the timetable for the projects, both Berger’s and RPW’s look like they will be helping White Plains in the very distant future along about Election Time 2017.


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