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The Tricia Lindsay Campaign for New York State Senate 37th District released its announcement video “Together We Rise,’ today declaring her candidacy challenging  Senator Shelley Mayer, the incumbent. Ms. Lindsay said:

“Together We Rise. Together, we empower, and together, we shape a brighter future for all. Let us rise together. We, the people. Stronger. More united. More determined than ever before. I am Tricia Lindsay running for New York State Senate, advocating for justice, empowering communities, and shaping a brighter future for all.”

Tricia Lindsay is a  former schoolteacher and administrator of 24 years in the New York City and Yonkers Public School Districts, Ms. Lindsay worked ardently to improve the lives of her students. Always passionate about everything she does, recognizing gross injustices throughout the pandemic in the educational, health, and religious sectors.

Ms. Lindsay was a vocal proponent of the people, speaking on various platforms throughout the United States of America, educating the masses on the Constitution and citing constitutional law to defend multiple persons whose rights had been violated by the government and corporate overreach.

She observed the resilience and strength of We The People.

She also made note of the challenges we face with the targeting of our children, the attack on the family and the erosion of parental rights, the increase in the cost of living, the growing immigration problem to the detriment of our country, and the invasion into every area of our lives through the assault on our Constitution.


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