City Rejects 1133 Westchester Avenue solar panel project as not permitted by White Plains Zoning

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WPCNR Main Street Journal From the Gedney Association, February 6, 2022:

White Plains has ruled that the acre proposed solar-equipped parking cannopies over residents’ cars at 1133 Westchester Ave has been declared a  NON-PERMITTED USE per our zoning laws and regulations. We are pleased that White Plains upheld our city’s integrity around our local zoning and ordinances in the face of inappropriate and aggressive developers. 

The upcoming Public Hearing for this Monday February 7, 2022 has been delayed until June 6th – we believe this is just a formality to record the rejection into record given the non-permitted use determination. We are awaiting response from our officials to help us understand the confusing communications around the hearing and will keep you posted should things change.  

(Editor’s Note: The ruling is most curious since the city has been constructing solar panels on city Parking lots recently, most notably on the Mamaroneck Avenue and Bryant Avenue public parking facility behind the post office.)

Picture from late November of the parking lot where the resident parking spaces with canopies with solar panels on top would be erected. Project has been rejected under the current zoning code with the project temporarily suspended.

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