Congressman Jones Calls for Biden to Reverse Deportation of Haitians as US Haiti Envoy Resigns

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Today, Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) released the following statement on the resignation of United States Special Envoy for Haiti, Ambassador Daniel Foote.

“The nation of Haiti is in the midst of once-in-a-generation civic and humanitarian crises, including the assassination of the Haitian president and ensuing constitutional crisis, a devastating earthquake, a deadly pandemic, and the lingering consequences of generations of colonial exploitation. That is why, for months, in public letters and in private conversations,

I have called on the Biden Administration to immediately halt all deportations to Haiti and return to America those individuals who have been unjustly deported there—like my constituent Paul Pierrilus, an upstanding member of our Rockland County community who had never even been to Haiti before the Biden Administration cruelly deported him there in February. 

Special Envoy Foote’s resignation is a stark acknowledgement of the deep injustice and inhumanity of the Biden Administration’s insistence on continuing deportations to Haiti. Deporting individuals to Haiti in its current state of civil unrest and natural disaster is a dark stain on our nation that undermines our moral authority at home and around the world.

After four years of xenophobic rhetoric and policy from the previous administration, the American people elected Joe Biden to return humanity, dignity, and respect for international law to our immigration system. So far, his administration has failed to do so, and individuals fleeing civil unrest and natural disaster are suffering the consequences. 

The American people – and the world – are watching. We are once again imploring President Biden to do the right thing by immediately halting all deportations to Haiti and returning to America those individuals who have been unjustly deported there. Lives, and our credibility as a nation, depend on it.”

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