The COVID Vaccine Sequence 3 WEEKS between First Shot and Second Shot. You Need Second Shot for Vaccine to be effective.

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WPCNR CORONAVIRUS BULLETIN. By John F. Bailey. January 7, 2020:

WPCNR has learned that a person scheduled to get a first Covid Vaccine shot of the Moderna Vaccine, indicates the reason vaccinations of medical personnel, first responders is proceeding at a slow pace.

The individual in question will receive the first shot of moderna and then wait 3 weeks for a second shot.

According to the New York State Department of Health, All vaccines but one require 2 shots to be effective, meaning swift, mass, efficient fast as possible first inoculations to any universe is essential.

As the Westchester Medical Center advised in a statement to WPCNR yestereday , they are beginning to inoculate employees who have had the first shot three weeks ago yesterday.

The information about three weeks between shots if it applies to all the vaccines, if made clear by the Westchester Medical Center provides a reason why the first persons to receive the vaccine have not been completed yet.

Based on the cryptic explanation of the Westchester Medical Center Health Group issued yesterday that they are proceeding “swiftly,” with no background information calls into question how fast first shots were completed, if three weeks between covid vaccine shots is required.

It also means the next persons to receive shots may take even longer before the vaccines are available to the general public. No timetable has been issued by the Westchester Medical Center Health Group, though they have been asked for it.

This afternoon Westchester County Executive George Latimer will hold a Covid briefing at 2 PM. Perhaps the County Executive can clarify in specifics what he has learned about the Westchester Medical Center Health Group situation, logistics, and protocols and specific timetables for completion of the first stage vaccine distribution.

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