3,177 Test Positive for Corona Virus in Week. 6,706 Active Cases through Friday. Infection Rate Pushes Over 5%

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WPCNR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. By John F. Bailey November 28, 2020:

Corona Virus continued its steady  rise infecting Westchester County through Friday. It is the 13th consecutive week that positive Covid-19 cases have risen in the county after a quiet summer.

The covid active cases reported this month have tripled in the three weeks since November 4. Since Wednesday cases have risen from 5,024 to 6,706 (counting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday test positives.

Saturday afternoon NY State Covid-19 Tracker reported of 70,765 people tested since last Saturday through Friday, 4.5 % (3,177) tested positive in the 7 days ended Friday.

The average infection rate for the 7 days was 4.44%.

Thursday and Friday 23,393 persons came back positive for the virus, a combined infection rate of 5.2% for the two days. The 3,177 are currently required to quarantine.

The trend for the week shows coronavirus is spreading aggressively in 4.5 to 5% infection range

The infections mostly likely will steadily rise in the county due to spread of the virus through social contact over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. Infections from those gatherings are likely to show within a week. As December gets deeper into socializing, more infections are like to add to the Westchester total.

In his Wednesday day before Thanksgiving Covid Briefing Westchester County Executive George Latimer said active cases through Wednesday the 25th, 5,024 had tripled in the three weeks going back to November 4, when the county had 1,666 active cases.

He said the number of hospitalizations of Covid-infected persons as of Wednesday was 198, a 4% hospitalization rate. Mr. Latimer said was “a good rate” because a rate of 15% to 20%, he would be more concerned. He said the county had 3,100 beds available to handle covid patients needing hospitalization. Hospitalization rates lag behind positive case results by a week to 14 days.

If the approximate 6,706 cases experience the current hospitalization rate of 4% in two weeks you could see 268 hospitalizations from those currently who have tested positive for the virus.

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