City Introduces White Plains Promotion Video

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A new video appeared on the White Plains City website yesterday introducing White Plains to the world at large. The promotion, lasting 4 minutes, delivers an inviting and upbeat overview of what kind of city it is with an eye apparently to attract persons and businesses to the city. Here’s a look:

Introducing White Plains New York USA

“Fortunately for us, we found the perfect people to help us create this video, Nitrous Ltd, owned and operated by White Plains residents Paul and Melanie Rosen,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach on the city website.

“We are extremely grateful to Paul and Melanie for helping us capture the essence of White Plains in this terrific video. And we also extend our thanks to Westchester County Executive George Latimer and the County Industrial Development Agency for funding this project on behalf of the city.”

Paul Rosen, owner of Nitrous said, “As a business owner and resident of White Plains, I often find myself singing the praises of this great city. I wanted to create a video showcasing the great services, year-round events, fellow businesses and of course, the residents that make White Plains such a wonderful place to live. As a video production company, what better way is there for me to showcase the city that I love?

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