County, Working with Mount Kisco Police, Uncovers Counterfeit Green Card Scam. Charges One

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From the Westchester County District Attorney. Jully 6, 2018:

On the morning of July 5, 2018 Westchester County Police detectives arrested a 48-year-old Rockland County resident in connection with a scam, in which he promised “Green Cards” in exchange for cash to undocumented immigrants residing in Mount Kisco.

Marko Nikac was arrested at his home in Congers, NY by detectives from the Westchester County Police General Investigations Unit.

The arrest followed a two-month long investigation into allegations that while impersonating a federal agent, Nikac offered to provide three undocumented immigrants with United States Resident Alien Cards (also known as “Green Cards”) for $3,000 each.

Nikac was charged with two counts of felony Criminal Impersonation in the 1st Degree, one count each of the felonies Grand Larceny in the 3rd Degree and Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree, and one count of misdemeanor Scheme to Defraud in the 2nd Degree.  Nikac was arraigned later that day in Mount Kisco Village Court, and released on approximately $2,000 bail.

The scam was uncovered when one of the victims described to a retired police officer, with whom he is acquainted, how he and two of his friends had paid a combined $9,000 to Nikac for three United States Resident Alien Cards.

Nikac had identified himself to the men as a federal agent and promised that the cards would be delivered within three months. After three months had passed with no cards being delivered, the victims became suspicious and asked Nikac for their money back.

Nikac initially refused and threatened the men with deportation if they persisted in asking for the return of their money, but eventually returned $2,000 of the money.

The retired police officer passed this information on to Westchester County Police who provide local police service in Mount Kisco.  County Police detectives then made contact with the victims who described the scheme in detail and identified Nikac, providing sufficient information to eventually locate and arrest him.

Acting Westchester County Police Commissioner Martin McGlynn stated that this investigation should serve to illustrate to undocumented immigrants residing in Westchester County, that they may report crimes committed against them to police without fear of immigration enforcement action against them. 

McGlynn said: “It serves the entire Westchester County community well when criminals are apprehended, regardless of the immigration status of their victims.”

County Police detectives have asked area community groups to let them know if they become aware of any other victims of this or similar schemes.  Anyone who is a victim or who knows of such victims are asked to contact Westchester County Police at (914)864-7819 or

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