Adolf Hitler’s First Three Months.

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WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT. March 18, 2018:

According to the book, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER by Robert Payne, Adolf Hitler’s first moves after assuming power in Germany were:

  1. He eliminated 7 clauses in the German Constitution, eliminating privacy of postal,telegraphic and telephone communications, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of the press, freedom to hold one’s own opinions and the right to be secure from arrest.
  2. All State Governments were taken over by National Socialists(the Nazi Party), officials of the governments were arrested.
  3. Trade Union leaders and officials were arrested.
  4. The Ministry of Enlightment and Propaganda under Joseph Goebbels was formed. It controlled the press, publishing, radio, motion pictures and entertainment.
  5. He established Special Courts to try political offenders with no jury and no legal representation.
  6. He gave government power to arrest people for malicious criticism of government and the party.
  7. He persuaded President Von Hindenberg to sign Article 2, “Law for the Relief of the Distress of the People and the Reich, that according to author Payne, “The Laws decreed by the Reich government can deviate from the Reich Constitution in so far as they do not apply to the institution of the Reichstag.Article 2 meant that Hitler’s laws could deviate  from the German constitution whenever he pleased.

Payne writes, “All through the (first) year …where previously he had spoken of himself with a certain modesty, now he permitted his ego free rein and celebrated himself with fervor, luxuriating in the absolute power…in three months, all that was free and generous now vanished at his orders, and there came into existence a harsh mechanical world of senseless commands and equally senseless punishments. Only one enthusiasm was permitted—enthusiasm for Hitler. What was strange and ominous was that few people protested.”


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