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It has been approximately 1,983 years since a confluence of bright stars guided three kings to the town of Bethlehem to pay respects to a “newborn king.” This antique set which has been in my family for 75 years or so, commemorates that. Since the day the baby, Jesus, was born in a stable, which was provided as a charity by the owner of the inn in Bethlehem, the baby’s deeds He was to achieve and His philosophy of loving your fellow man and woman that took root in a hostile world that was a world of subjugation, genocide, enslavement, and oppression — with violence.

Religious beliefs aside. Jesus may be the most influential man of all time, considering how his message of concern, respect, and kindness towards your fellow man and woman was unique at the time he lived and spread throughout the world without violence.

We would all do well if when considering how to treat each other, make a decision, what would Jesus do?

I daresay the world would be a much better place. I also should like to point out that Jesus’s message was not follow me and you will have eternal life, though he did say that–his main message was to love one another and be compassionate, helpful, and respectful towards those less fortunate than you.

It made so much sense.

I set it up the display this year because I missed it over the years. Remember it is not what Jesus offered…it was what He did that spread his message around the world without violence.

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