WP BOARD OF EDUCATION to Vote August 29 to Continue Interim Superintendent Timothy Connors on Interim Basis When School Starts in September.

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The Board of Education Monday evening, with Timothy Connors, Interim Superintendent of Schools, (far left), President Rosemarie Eller center and Charles Norris, right. The Board will vote August 29 to retain Mr. Connors as Interim Superintendent while awaiting the return of Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried

WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. By John F. Bailey. August 18, 2016:

At the White Plains Board of Education meeting Monday evening, Interim Superintendent of Schools Timothy P. Connors, announced that Dr. Paul Fried, the Superintendent of Schools is unable to return on a daily basis, and that he Connors would continue to be acting Superintendent while Dr. Fried is unable to continue when schools start in September.

Mr. Connors was brought back on per diem as needed basis as Interim Superintendent in June when Dr. Fried could not continue his duties. There has been no announcement of the specific reason or circumstances that have affected Dr. Fried.

Thursday, Michele Schoenfeld, Clerk to the Board of Education, told WPCNR the Board will vote August 29 to hire Mr. Connors for an unspecified period until Dr. Fried is able to resume his duties.

Connors has been Interim Superintendent for approximately 2-1/2 months, on per day diem, handling the District business in Fried’s absence. He appears and comes in when the Board meets or district matters need his input and supervision.

Connors told WPCNR, after the announcement, said “I’ll tell you as soon as I get something (on the Fried situation).”

Connors was White Plains Superintendent of Schools from 2002 to 2009, returned as Interim Superintendent for two years, after Dr. Christopher Clouet left. During Connors’ previous Interim Superintendent term, he negotiated the current teacher contract.

After Dr. Christopher Clouet, former Superintendent prior to Dr. Fried taking the position left the district to take the Tarrytowns position, Connors was brought back as Interim Superintendent when no candidates were found for the job. Fried began last year. Now due to the unfornate circumstances affecting Dr. Fried, Connors is back again after one year as Interim Superintendent.




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