Transit Study Reaches Out to White Plains Citizens with Online Survey Format: Asks 1st QUESTION OF THE WEEK

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WPCNR TRANSIT CENTER PROJECTIONS. From the City of White Plains March 31, 2016:

Downtown White Plains Transit District Study Launches “Question of the Week”

White Plains Mayor Tom Roach announced a new component of the public engagement plan for the Downtown White Plains Transit District Study. “Starting this week, we will be reaching out directly to the public with a Question of the Week,” said Mayor Roach. “This represents an additional means of public outreach and will complement the public engagement meetings that have already been scheduled.”

The Question of the Week may be answered up until April 10 at this URL

(Paste above URL in your browser to have your say:)

You have to put in your email address for your answer to be accepted.

This week’s Transit District Question of the Week:

Which of these improvements would most impact your transit experience? (check all that apply to you)
Better pedestrian access
Separate areas for taxi and passenger drop off
Cleaner station
Better signage
Increased lighting
Food services



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