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WPCNR WEST SIDE STORY. From the Request for Proposals Preliminary Planning, Design, and Engineering Services for the Multimodel Transportation Center Redevelopment Project. AUGUST 3, 2015:

The City of White Plains issued a Request for Proposals Monday seeking credentials and ideas from companies to select a “party to provide professional services to complete preliminary planning, design, and engineering work and a financial plan for a proposed Metropolitan Transportation Center in Downtown White Plains.”

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The area proposed is included in the circle above encompassing the County Center on the West to Church Street on the East, Ferris Avenue on the North, and the beginning of Bank Street to the South.

Proposals are due in 25 days (August 28).

The applicant selected will have one year to complete the Survey, working with the city on some “deliverables” and the consultant will be responsible for other “deliverables,” consulting with the city.

Among the responsibilities will be working with the Mayor’s Stakeholder Task Force of 10 to 15 persons, analyzing what is in the area now. The consultant will manage a Public Outreach Plan, including public meetings; An Existing Conditions Report; and the Consultant will on the basis of these meetings…

…prepare a Strategic Plan ┬áthat “states goals, objectives, and the performance measures related to the redevelopment of the project area and its environs to include mobility and intermodel operations, place-making and design and quality of life considerations including access to parks, aesthetics; economic development and on-site job creation…capture the expenditure potential of commuters who utilize the station; infrastructure and resources, safety and security, complete streets that provide walkability and accessibility for all populationa, environmental, scenic and natural resources, requirements for community acceptance of the Redevelopment Project and cost effectiveness requirements.

The Consultant selected will present plans for the next phases of the project, planning activities,deliverables and Project schedule.

The Strategic Plan is expected to be completed by the Third Quarter of 2016.

The complete document outlining what the consultant is responsible for doing may be viewed at

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