County Exec Negotiated Deal with Standard Amusements without Consulting City of Rye. Mayor Sack not told of deal. Reserves comments prior to his City Council Analysis

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WPCNR PLAYLAND GO ROUND. By John F. Bailey. April 15, 2015 UPDATED April 16, 2015:

Michael Kaplowitz,Chairman of the Board of County Legislators was not told of the impending agreement being negotiated by the Astorino Administration with Standard Amusements to run Playland for 15 years.

Neither was the Mayor of the City of Rye where Playland is.

According to Mayor Joe Sack, of Rye in a  written statement to WPCNR Wednesday afternoon:

“I did not learn about the particulars of the proposed agreement until after the press conference.  From the city of Rye’s perspective, we are most concerned about any environmental impacts of the proposal upon our community.  We look forward to reviewing the proposal, and articulating our position in the near future.”
The Journal News also reported this morning in an article by Mark Lungariello that County Executive Robert P. Astorino said the county would work with the City of Rye but the County would “have the final say.”
Apparently the county will be working with the cityof Rye now since they did not inform the Mayor of a plan for his own city while the county was negotiating the Standard Amusements contract.
Sack told the Journal News reporter in this quote “Just because it’s (Standard Amusements plan) a lesser scale, doesn’t mean the issues have gone away. The county is still having a little bit of trouble digesting the lessons they learned or should have learned the last go-round.”
Standard Amusements, in a 4-page preprinted full color handout, “The Renaissance of Rye Playland” given to the media at the Tuesday morning news conference held by County Executive Robert Astorino, wrote:
“Mr. (Nicholas) Singer (of Standard Amusements) and his team look forward to additional dialogue with community leaders and any citizens concerned about the future of beloved Playland.”
Joe Sack

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