January in New York

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WPCNR PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE NEW YEAR. By the WPCNR Roving Photographer. January 4, 2014:

2015101newyearsday 020

The Low Winter Sun on the Westchester Riviera…Larchmont Manor Park

2015101newyearsday 035

Lighthouse off Sands Point on Long Island’s Gold Coast

2015101newyearsday 030

Sentiinels of the Past: “There will always be a Larchmont.”



2015101newyearsday 038

Looking for Gatsby

2015101newyearsday 008

Porches Viewing the Sea

2015101newyearsday 023

Gazebos of Dreams

2015101newyearsday 044

Charmers of Larchmont Avenue

2015104winter 004

Crafting in Sugar Loaf, the foothills of the Catskills

2015104winter 001

Taverns of Toasts Past

Ghosts of the time when trains had names.

2015104winter 0022015104winter 008

2015104winter 013

Tracks into Yesteryear

2015104winter 015

Weather Technology Misses Another Forecast. God is the ultimate Weather Guru.

2015104winter 021

Midnight the Cat: It’s a Good Day to be a Housecat.

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