Columbia Journalism Review Picks The Worst Journalism of the Year

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WPCNR LETTER TICKER. From the Columbia Journalism Review. December 30, 2014:

The following was a letter to subscribers of the Columbia Journalism Review highlighting journalism incompetance.WPCNR is not on the list:

Dear readers,It’s been an exciting year for CJR and we want to thank you for supporting us. Before celebrating the New Year, make sure to read our most popular posts of 2014 and editor’s picks. While you’re at it, check out the seven reports from United States Project that deserve a second read.The following posts are a few we wanted to highlight from the last couple weeks. Enjoy!
(Editor: Click on the 2ND BOLD TYPE FACE STRING in each story  to bring the blunders up)The worst journalism of 2014. From Rolling Stone to Fox News and Don Lemon, we present a recap of this year’s most cringeworthy news blunders.Guess what? People lie to reporters. “Some journalists might argue that a finely tuned BS detector would catch these deceptions before they burned us. In some cases, it would.”What Ferris Bueller can teach us about who counts as ‘the media.’ A Texas Supreme Court justice argues that his colleagues should have tried to answer that question.

Jill Abramson on putting the public interest firstDefying the White House, from the Pentagon Papers to Snowden.

When anonymity is taken out of the media’s hands. An old media scoop on pro-ISIS tweeter Shami Witness leads to a new media dox

5 questions for the future of news literacy. Here’s what’s worth exploring within and beyond the field.

Which news outlets still use “illegal immigrant?” A change to the AP Stylebook hasn’t hasn’t settled debate.

How New York protects police records from public view. Newspapers, open-government agency, fight law that shields police-misconduct records.

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